Travel Crafting, and Travelling for Craft

Travel and craft are two elements of my life that are inseparable – we are currently in the car so I thought I’d write about it! Realistically all parts of my life are inseparable from craft, but travel basically means craft to me… Let me explain!

Travel Crafting

Every time we go somewhere, one of the main questions I ask is “what craft should I take”. It used to be “what knitting should I take” (usually with a # because social media) and then I discovered the delights of travelling with cross stitch. I’ve done a video about this, which you can find here.

I usually over-pack, because I’ve got a fear that I’ll suddenly experience a fit of productivity and finish all the things. Even, or particularly, if something has been languishing on the needles for months (years)! For example, we are currently going to spend Easter weekend with some friends. I’ve packed two pairs of socks (one of which is literally just the cast on edge) and my Australia map, which I reckon has at least twelve hours of work left in it. Projects way beyond time availability!

My Australia map cross stitch at the end of March - perfect travel stitching?!
My Australia map cross stitch at the end of March – perfect travel stitching?!

This tendency actually worked in my favour on holiday in February. I sprained my knee, and I suddenly had a lot of alone time while people were skiing! Also, I was on pain killers, and my ability to work on complex projects was limited. I was able to switch between more or less appropriate projects depend on requirements, and congratulated my genius!

My desire to craft while travelling, whether we are away from home or actually in transit, makes it something I can’t resent. Delays are even better. When we were stuck at Lyon airport for a few hours, John was champing at the bit. I sat working on some stitching, safe in the knowledge that it was the only thing I could (or should) be doing at the time. Utter bliss.

Today’s #yarnlovechallenge features no yarn but the subject matter of #speed is very relevant. I’m in an airport waiting for a flight that has been delayed by over an hour. My travelling companions get annoyed by delays, but (provided I always have craft on me) I always see it as a stolen opportunity to indulge myself knowing I have literally nothing else I need to or can be doing. It’s a moment to take a breath and let the world rush past at its normal pace while I concentrate on the act of making. (I would normally be #knitting but there is increased security in France and I didn’t fancy my chances getting my chiagoos through the x-ray machine – I’ve never had a problem before, but didn’t fancy today being the first one!)

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I’m hoping this is something about myself that will never change, as it makes me a better travel companion! I have quite a lot of travel anxiety and it helps with that. John definitely prefers me stitching, not bitching!

The socks I've been lugging around for six months. I'll definitely finish them during this stint of travel. Definitely!
The socks I’ve been lugging around for six months. I’ll definitely finish them during this stint of travel. Definitely!

Travelling for Craft

This ties in today, because I’ve finally got to a place where I can start going to fibre festivals again. I’ve got a lot of wonderful friends and contacts who I’ve met through my involvement with these events. Fibre vendors from Brighton to Bakewell to Edinburgh, and everywhere in between, have delighted me with their wares. I’ve really missed being seeing everyone for the past couple of years, and now is the time to start again!

Working on my Angel socks with a matching teapot in Edinburgh!
Working on my Angel socks with a matching teapot in Edinburgh after a fibre festival.

People wonder why I would put myself through this. I have to admit, when I went to Edinburgh I left London at 5am, I wondered what the heck I was doing this for. However, these events are wonderful because I get to meet up with lovely people, find out what’s new in the fibre world, and of course supplement my stash! It’s also incredibly inspiring seeing what people are getting up to. There are also often excellent chances for travel crafting!

The next fibre festival I’ll be going to will be Wonderwool Wales on the 22nd and 23rd of April. Last time I went, we lived in London and stayed for the weekend. This time I’ll be driving from Bristol (two hours of luxurious travel crafting time) for a day. Along with all the fab exhibitors and retail opportunities, exhibitions that will be on show include a knitted map of Llandysul, a felted Llareggub Village (tribute to Dylan Thomas), and a Curtain of Poppies to commemorate the Great War. I can’t wait!

A felted village! Literally cannot wait to have a look at this.
A felted village! Literally cannot wait to have a look at this.

I’m so excited to share the trip with you. I’ll be posting photos on the day on Instagram, and I’ll catch you all up later too!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. CathieJ says:

    How on earth do you blog and travel. I have yet to figure out how to update my blog via my phone. . . . especially adding pictures. By the way, I love your projects.

  2. I enjoyed your post. Whenever we’re going anywhere I too look for crafts to take along :)

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