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Travel Crafting, and Travelling for Craft

Travel and craft are two elements of my life that are inseparable – we are currently in the car so I thought I’d write about it! Realistically all parts of my life are inseparable from craft, but travel basically means craft … Continue reading

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Finally breaking the Radio Silence

It’s been a record breaking period of silence at Plutonium Muffins. I’ve been doing a lot of really exciting things, few of which relate to craft, and many of which have left me so exhausted that I got home from … Continue reading

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Silversmithing with Alice Goldsack in Bristol

Silversmithing?! That’s nothing to do with knitting! I know, I wasn’t sure how to make it fit either – and then I decided that rather than start a new blog for this new craft, I could just talk about all … Continue reading

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A night in with Tonks – time for poetry!

The other night I was sewing in my craft room and Tonks came in to make sure I didn’t feel alone. Anybody with a cat will know how this went. I had been watching a documentary about arts and literature, … Continue reading

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September 2016 Resolutions

It’s your favourite time of the month – September 2016 Resolutions! Even though I waxed lyrical yesterday about how much progress I’m making in my WIPs, my monthly crafting resolutions are still suffering. I’m struggling to keep up with the … Continue reading

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The mother of all WIPs – craft room time!

The mother of all WIPs is life in Bristol, which as you can imagine, has been busy! With this post I am kick-starting Plutonium Muffins into action ready for Christmas crafting and beyond. I’ve now been at my job for … Continue reading

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Flower Power for every season!

Living in London, you forget the power of a simple flower growing on the verge, in your lawn, or dotted through woodlands as you go for a summer stroll. I’ve been so overjoyed recently to have the chance to enjoy … Continue reading

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Farm Friday – zombie invasion!

I’m just popping in to say I’ve just uploaded the latest Farm Friday video, and I think it’s a corker! Mainly because it has footage of a zombie invasion on the farm, but I also introduce the guinea fowl to … Continue reading

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Meet the triplets – baby sheep time!

Shyna, one of our four mules, had triplets this morning! Typically, I’m not on the farm, and missed the whole thing. Frustrating! I am on a bit of a tour of Britain at the moment, with a tropical themed ceilidh … Continue reading

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Flock time: plenty of sunrises, no lambs

I thought it was time to give you an update on our flock of sheep! You may remember the competition I ran a few months back, inviting you to name the unnamed members of our flock of six sheep. The … Continue reading

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