Craft Points Headband and Towersey

I’m back from Towersey, having successfully made the wonkiest cardboard tree in existence, listened to a lot of great music and indulged in crazy dancing, and being commissioned, designing and knitting a Craft Points Headband for the Craft Boss. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, with loads of crafting progress which I shall tell you about shortly.

Courtesy of Tinkerbell - jamming out Towersey.
Courtesy of Tinkerbell – jamming out Towersey.

If you’re interested in the folk experience, here’s a quick overview – I danced like a mad-woman to Orkestra del Sol, ended up at a couple of crazy gigs by the Spooky Men’s Chorale and Show of Hands, ceilidhed my heart out to Spiers and Boden, and thoroughly enjoyed just chilling in the Towersey Social Club singing rude songs and talking nonsense. I suggest you click ‘play’ while you read the rest of this blog to understand some of the craziness that I revel in…

Craft Points Headband

My major crafting triumph was the Craft Points Headband – Craft Boss had a knitted headband I was admiring one evening, and she admitted she had actually stolen it from one of her friends and needed to give it back. Was there any way I could knit one for her in blue or rust red?

I had a quick check on Ravelry (losing the remaining 5% of my phone battery in the process) and realised there weren’t any free ones similar to the original design. So, I had a quick check over the original headband, and while we were in rehearsals for the Shooting Roots showcase, I designed and knitted my own!

Drafting out a pattern - needs improvement but there you go!

For a first draft, I was incredibly, *incredibly* pleased. There are a few edits I will need to make, which I will do at the first opportunity, but Craft Boss was pleased, and I felt like I had taken a huge step in my knitting education. I have designed other patterns, but this is the first one that didn’t take about a year to plan and several weeks to execute.

(I don’t have any photos yet as the phone was MIA and my photographer friend hasn’t sent them to me. This is a photo of the drafting…)

Kittylow & Spinning

The kittylow did well out of Towersey. I took my spinning, but I didn’t manage to do as much as I wanted to because it was difficult to spin in the rain/sitting on the ground, which were the two conditions I was most frequently in. I just have to add eyes, mouth and tail to the pillow, and sew up the final seam – all of which will have to wait, becauuuse…. Kittylow work in progress, nearing completion.


I got a call from my brother last night asking me if I wanted to go to Holland today. He is moving to Maastricht, and was wondering if I would like to help him move. In all honesty, no, I would not like to lift another box for the rest of my life…but hey, family is family and it also includes a free trip to Holland!

I will be leaving in about two hours and wanted to spin this blog out quickly, so that’s it from me. I’ll be back on Friday, with an extremely exciting FO to share with you!

How did you enjoy your long weekend? If you weren’t graced with a bank holiday, did you do anything fun anyway?

Much love,

Corrie xx WIP Wednesday's with Tami's Amis

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