Losing motivation on Hitchhiker and Garland…

The bad news is that with the purchase of new yarn and having learned a new skill (more info here), I am now losing motivation to work on Hitchhiker and Garland. As much as I love these projects, I am so excited to move on to new things…

The good news is that I have made *some* progress – thank God for my commute and Time Team!


The last time you saw Hitchhiker, it looked like this:

Hitchhiker as it was two weeks ago.
Hitchhiker as it was two weeks ago.

I have made quite a bit of progress – the majority because it is all garter stitch except each end, so it is nice and easy to blast through when I’m reading. I am enjoying knitting it, even though I am super keen to finish – I used to finish three points every tube journey, now it’s more like three rows!

Hitchhiker today.
Hitchhiker today.

The yarn is from Desert Vista Dyeworks in the States, and one of their gradient yarns. When I ordered it, I had in mind a gradient that was very smooth, with the colours blending one into the other, similar to Whippoorwill by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch (this shawl has recently achieved fame – find out more here!)

Whippoorwill by Sarah of "Crafts from the Cwtch" (the gooooorgeous rainbow gradient one)
Whippoorwill by Sarah of “Crafts from the Cwtch” (the gooooorgeous rainbow gradient one)

I’m a bit saddened by the fact that it is in fact not a smooth gradient, and given the choice I wouldn’t order from them again. The yarn is really, really lovely to work with, but the way the colours work together aren’t my cup of tea and I may actually gift Hitchhiker rather than keep it myself.

Do not let this put you off the yarn if you don’t mind this type of colour change! Right, enough negativity.


Oh, Garland. Miles and miles of stocking stitch in the finest yarn I have ever had the pleasure of using. I can’t really show you any ‘progress’ as such, as it won’t be obvious in a photo – but I am very worried that I am just knitting FAR more fabric than I need.

Garland is several inches too big on either side. I know it's mean to be boxy, but really...?
Garland is several inches too big on either side. I know it’s mean to be boxy, but really…?

Even if it is too big, this is one item that will not be going anywhere but right in my cupboard at home. I love the fabric, I love the drape, I love the colour…I can’t wait to finish it, even if the miles of stocking stitch are getting a little bit on top of me!

My March Resolution is to get to the sleeves – I anticipate I will reach that milestone tonight. Hurrah!

Does anyone else have any experience of working with Kidsilk Haze? It has to be one of my favourite ever yarns.

Much love,

Corrie xx WIP Wednesday's with Tami's Amis

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9 Responses to Losing motivation on Hitchhiker and Garland…

  1. Oh no, sorry this yarn didn’t live up to your expectations. Though I have to say I do really like it. It almost resembles Ashburn with the colour changes the way they are.

  2. Sorry you are not completely happy with the result, does it help a little if I say I LOVE the hitchhiker? Suppose not;)

  3. steph says:

    I LOVE the way your hitchhiker is turning out….I just finished one; the yarn I used was some mystery something from the stash—orange (not my fav) and had just a bit of variegation. Nothing spectacular like yours. I think when it drapes around your neck, you just might think more kindly of it.

    That photo of you on your sweater in progress has to be one of the BEST WIP photos of all time!!! Love it!

  4. Amanda says:

    I’m Hitchhiking too! Your yarn is stunning! I find that mine is lovely to work with but I wish I’d chosen bolder colors. Hmm. It is interesting how getting one notch or “tooth” done takes longer and longer the closer you get to finishing.

  5. Beth says:

    I also have lost momentum on a Hitchhiker. I may just have to steel myself to pick it up again and finish. Luckily, I love the yarn – it’s my own fault for doing two Hitchhikers back to back.

  6. Chris says:

    I am trying so hard to be faithful to my current shawl and get it off the needles! But a baby blanket and a sweater are calling to me! Plus the fact I had to rip back to midway on the shawl doesn’t help. But I am getting ever closer and the rows are decreasing, so I will stick with it. Good luck with your projects.

  7. Love your photo! I am with you on the too big stakes but it’s my fault not the pattern!

  8. CathieJ says:

    What beautiful, colorful yarns you are working with. I don’t know how you can be bored with your hitchhiker as the color work is gorgeous. I would have to keep going just to see the shading.

  9. I think your Hitchhiker looks great! I’m sorry the yarn isn’t what you expected it to be, though.

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