Happy Anniversary, (March) Resolutions!

The Monthly Resolutions have now officially been running for a year! Happy March, everyone…

Celebrate a full year of resolutions!
Celebrate a full year of resolutions!

You can read the first post here, and find out more about the group on Ravelry here!

March 2014 Resolutions

I am going to take it easy this month. Last month I realised that I was actually restricting myself – for one thing, I didn’t want to actually work on things that weren’t in my resolutions list, and for another, I felt so terrible when I physically couldn’t finish my resolutions because of the RSI.

My two main resolutions this month are thus the same as they were last month:

  1. Get to lace section on Erquy
  2. Get to sleeves on Garland

I have a third resolution which is very vague. On Resolutions Monthly last week, we all spent a week cleaning and tidying, and as a result of this, I rearranged our bedroom, buying a new piece of furniture in the process.

Officially, this is meant to be a ‘laundry box‘ – I got it from Argos for £30, and it holds 55 litres of ‘laundry’. Which in knitting terms, means it holds every WIP that I currently have, and my old WIP basket has been retired. Of course, in the process of doing all of this, I found loads of projects that I love very much, and haven’t worked on for ages.

My new WIP basket...officially called a Monk's Bench laundry box!
My new WIP basket…officially called a Monk’s Bench laundry box!

So, Resolution Number Three for March is:

Work on some long-term projects.

I have already been successful in this endeavour (all will be revealed on Friday) and I’m feeling quite cheerful about the whole thing.

February Resolutions

While I’m on March, here is the February recap:

  1. Finish the Weasley Sweater – done
  2. Get to lace section on Erquy – didn’t work on it at all
  3. Get to sleeves on Garland – ditto
  4. Complete test-knit for Christine from Harmonic Oscillator Knits – I tried so, so hard, but came upon a problem in the pattern which was either me not following instructions properly, or some error which I didn’t pick up on…so I don’t know where this is going.
  5. Finish spinning the roving I started in January – not even a stitch. I am trying to get a stool that will make spinning more comfortable, so on hold for now.

I blame much of this on RSI, because I had a very productive month in February!

Craft Boss wearing her very own Weasley Sweater!
Craft Boss wearing her very own Weasley Sweater!

Resolutions for 2014

also set myself resolutions for 2014 in January and thought I might do a two monthly update, so here we are:

  1. Become a runner – errr…injury has prevented this so far. Will get back on it.
  2. Be prepared for events like birthdays and anniversaries – I’ve missed one…not good.
  3. Get into a healthy routine which involves sleeping enough but not napping just because I am bored – yes!
  4. Knit 3 big garments for self – two on the needles and two in preparation…hurrah.
  5. Get out of overdraft by May – errr…
  6. Start Christmas knitting and other prep early enough – this is not valid for at least a few more months.
  7. Listen to less Harry Potter on audio – umm. Big. Fat. Fail.

It’s a good thing I still have ten months to go, right?!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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