NEWSFLASH: Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I’m going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival this weekend! Will you be there? Would you like to meet me for a cuppa and a natter? I’ll probably spend some time looking for a place to rest as the atmosphere of this kind of event is intense – so if you want to come find me and do some knitting together, please message me on Twitter, or email and I will send you my mobile number.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I'm going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

To those of you who unfortunately can’t make it – I promise I will take hundreds of photos for you! I’ll also buy a special little goody so everyone can enter a giveaway to get a piece of the action…I’m thinking a tote bag, at the moment, but arrival in the marketplace may change my mind.

Follow me on Instagram from Friday to watch the journey as it happens.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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2 Responses to NEWSFLASH: Edinburgh Yarn Festival

  1. It will be awesome (and I rarely ever use that word)! I look forward to your photos and write-up since I can’t be there, but I am hoping to make it next year sicne I love Edinburgh anyway and it would make for a lovely little holiday.

  2. Yay, yarn festival! I’m so excited.

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