Past Projects – Bee Happy!

Today I’m going to talk about a project I knitted years ago, the Bee Happy bees! These guys were knitted as a birthday present for a friend, and took just one train journey to complete. They were quite a turning point in my knitting experience, and with so many projects that I can’t talk about because they’re presents, it’s time for the bees to come out!

Two little happy bees.
Two little happy bees.

Bee Happy – a couple of birthday bees

John and I went to Blazin’ in Beauly in October 2012 – this is a folk music course where the Blazin’ Fiddles teach aspirational folkies a variety of different skills, from playing by ear to performing in front of large crowds, drinking whiskey the Scottish way to playing in sessions after several pints and a hard day of work. While there, we bought some amazing cherry brandy for a friends birthday and a knitting themed card to go along with it (H is a knitter).

On the train back from Beauly, I was feeling rather the worse for wear – as well as many nights spent in the pub drinking whiskey, John and I had been camping 2 miles away from the town and had had to make this walk at 3 am for five days straight, with an 8 am wake-up every following morning. I wanted to knit, though, and a quick search on Ravelry revealed “Bees” by Gabriella Henry.

The Bee Happy card with a knitted bee!
The Bee Happy card with a knitted bee!

There were two bees on the card, and I had recently discovered the joys of fabric glue and googly eyes. I knitted the bees up, stuffed and sewed them and stuck on their eyes, and used glue to harden their backsides into stings. They came out really well, H was pleased with them, and it was the first time I had managed to go from conception to completion of a project in a single day (the 24th of October if my Rav notes are anything to go by).

I don’t know if H still has them, but I still remember these guys fondly, and recommend this as a way of supplementing cards if you ever buy those series with the knitted characters on them!

A bee - with my hand for scale!
A bee – with my hand for scale!

I imagine this is my last post before Christmas – John and I are on our way to Kent and we will be cooking Christmas Dinner for his family this year, so tomorrow will probably be very busy with shopping and whatnot. No, I have not completed my Christmas knitting this year – I will be putting together a schedule for next year, you just see if I don’t! I’m going to start preparing for Christmas 2016 in January!

Have a wonderful time everyone, and I will see you on the other side!

Much love,

Corrie xx

H with a hair-bee!
H with a hair-bee!
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  1. gracey says:

    Have a wonderful holiday…very cute bees..

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