Pompom Plots

I had forgotten how much I love a good pompom. I always get laughed at for the huge pompom on my Romney Hat, and the fact that I always look at pompom makers in shops is something that concerns even me.

I love this hat, with it's Toft alpaca pompom!
I love this hat, with it’s Toft alpaca pompom!

I was digging through my boxes at home the other day, when I found a load of diaries from when I was 13 years old and just starting to notice Boys. It did not surprise me in the slightest when I came upon a post that outlined how teenage Corrie thought up the perfect plot to get my crush to like me, involving a pompom and the postal system.

Diary Extract – Pompom Plots

This is, word-for-word, the diary extract that I found and have been chuckling over all morning. Unfortunately you’re missing my exciting handwriting (I was playing with cursive) and little doodles, but taking a photo of the page would go a bit too far…

“On Friday in textiles, he was trying to make a pom-pom, and got into a huge tangle. I asked if he needed help, expecting him to say no, but he didn’t. I swear, I was really happy, I can’t explain the feeling. I had that really surreal feeling that you get when summit REALLY good happens. Anyway, I untangled it, and gave him a few tips on how to make it easier. Then when he was finished, he just gave it to me to cut, and I did, so he was all smiles. Then it broke, and he came and showed Lily and I in the LRC. I offered to make another, but he shook his head, and I hatched a plan! I had this pom-pom making bug, and I made loads of them, including one the size of my head! Well, when I got home, I posted one to him!! Yeah Baby!! Then he got it on Saturday and text me saying thank-you! I am soooo clever!!!!!!!”

You just can't beat a good pompom!
You just can’t beat a good pompom!

I had completely forgotten about this. It shows how much I have always believed in the power of textiles, haha!

I’m off to Kent on this week for Christmas – I’m sure I will post beforehand, but if not – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lots of love,

Corrie xx

Another pompom, this time for Craft Boss
Another pompom, this time for Craft Boss
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3 Responses to Pompom Plots

  1. Alicia says:

    That is too funny. I love (and kinda hate) reading through old journals. The things I used to say/think/do! My maid of honor even quoted out of one regarding a crush during her speech at my wedding, it was perfect but SO EMBARRASSING.

  2. kristi zemas says:

    The Pom Poms are awesome!!
    Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends!!
    Kristi and Drew

  3. Regula says:

    So good! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Regula

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