Productive Saturday in Cambridge — Part Two

Bashful and Elephant the Pig (Copyright Corrie B)

This post is continued directly on from Part One.

Doc then invited Bashful round for dinner, and I decided I was going to make her a pig using a Mochi Mochi Land pattern which I bought ages ago and never got round to using. The production of this pig caused much laughter, which I will detail for you now in the story we made up. Before I move on with the story, I feel that I should explain: the pattern was for an elephant, but I only had pink yarn and the trunk came out way too short, AND the ears were wrong; so I had to convert it into a pig.

Elephant the Pig

Elephant the Pig (Copyright Corrie B) As a child, Elephant always felt like there was something strange about him, a strange and uncertain feeling that he was not like other elephants. One day, a tragic event took place: Elephant was drinking at the watering-hole, when an evil Crocodile grabbed hold of his trunk. Elephant pulled and pulled, and finally, something gave and he was able to pull free. Exhausted, happy beyond belief to escape with his life, scared out his wits, Elephant got out of there.

Elephant the Pig (Copyright Corrie B) Now with half a trunk, Elephant felt that he was even more separated from the others. He was unable to reach the highest, most delectable shoots on the trees, had to kneel to drink: in fact, he had always been shorter than the others, and had gotten used to grazing on the ground. To his stunned disbelief, he was one evening approached by a Scientist with crazy hair and a pet Mathematician.

I hear you have been having some trouble with the other elephants? I thought I would approach you with some new research we have recently made a breakthrough on: trans-species transfiguration.

Elephant and Bashful (Copyright John S) This magical person seemed to have all the answers that Elephant had been looking for. A few DNA treatments later, and a bit of plastic surgery to sort out his trunk, and Elephant was reborn: as a Pig.

Elephant the Pig now lives in Cambridge, with one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarves, and feels he has found his place in life. Forgotten are the years of scorn and discomfort he had to live through. He spends his days researching and making his way in the world of Science, determined to make a difference to someone else’s life in the way his own was changed.

The End.

Bashful, Elephant and ME (Copyright John S) Isn’t his tale an inspirational one? Have you ever given your creations a back-story? My knitted creations all normally have a back-story, and I’m always interested to know everyone elses.

Much love,

Corrie xx

* The Materials Friends are each named after a Dwarf. Who am I?

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