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Flower Power for every season!

Living in London, you forget the power of a simple flower growing on the verge, in your lawn, or dotted through woodlands as you go for a summer stroll. I’ve been so overjoyed recently to have the chance to enjoy … Continue reading

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March Resolutions 2016

Every time I sit down to write my March Resolutions, I get distracted. Today, a full week after confidently declaring online for all the world to see that Lambing 2016 was officially over for us, I walked into the field … Continue reading

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Meet the triplets – baby sheep time!

Shyna, one of our four mules, had triplets this morning! Typically, I’m not on the farm, and missed the whole thing. Frustrating! I am on a bit of a tour of Britain at the moment, with a tropical themed ceilidh … Continue reading

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