March Resolutions 2016

Every time I sit down to write my March Resolutions, I get distracted. Today, a full week after confidently declaring online for all the world to see that Lambing 2016 was officially over for us, I walked into the field to meet this little girl, who made her unexpected appearance!

I’ve been putting together lots of video for “Farm Friday” round-ups. Here’s last week’s for you.

Anyway, you’re not here to learn about sheep, you’re here for resolutions!

February 2016 recap

I had no idea what February would throw at me when I set these, and I feel quite triumphant about the progress I did make! Eight lambs and a bad bout of RSI later, here are the results.

  • Start John’s Dr Who scarf – yessir! Check out the blog post here.
  • Knit commission scarf – I finished it. But it was too short – so I have to add more, and am currently screwing up the courage to do that (see “RSI” above).
  • Spin some of my beautiful Australian fibre – I think this may have to become a summer project as it’s too cold in my studio to spin at the moment.
  • Knit a Christmas present – I made two but one got given away for a birthday present, handy.
  • Start mum’s Birthday present – Err I think this one was my biggest failure.
  • Finish next section of bunnymoon cross stitch – DONE.
  • Finish a section of leopard cross stitch – Yes!
  • Get fibre onto Etsy – yes! Some of it at least…you can see it here.

Hurrah, a successful month in my book.

With all those repeated rows, the Dr Who scarf could be a real problem for me.
With all those repeated rows, the Dr Who scarf could be a real problem for me.

March 2016 Resolutions

I’m going to be a bit conservative here, because I think March is throwing a lot at me.

  • Make a Christmas present
  • Lengthen commission scarf
  • Finish Bunnymoon cross stitch
  • Blog twice a week

What are your resolutions for March? I always love setting them this month, because I started in March 2013 and it always feels like a fresh start. Happy New Year 2.0 if you will!

Better go rescue my socks from an over-zealous puppy (video introducing her is here!)

Much love,

Corrie xx

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