WIPW (5) – Legwarmers

Knitting in the pub in Glasto (Copyright Sam E) I’ve traditionally had a bit of a thing for legwarmers. Wonder-Gran made me a pair when I was a teenager that were really crazy in their colouring and style. I have no idea how she made them, but I loved them to pieces. They somehow went missing, and I realised when I went to Glastonbury in January and I was pulling on my rather sombre black ones. I decided to make my own!

The start of a leg-warmer (Copyright Corrie B) They’ve taken a bit of a back-seat. I’m not good at knitting for myself, I’m not as motivated as I am when I’m making stuff for other people, so I’m still only about halfway through. I used an app on my iPad to work out the pattern — I’ll do a review of that app at some point, it’s called Stitchopedia and is very good.

Detail of the stitching...with Plutonium Muffin needle-top (Copyright Corrie B)
Detail of the stitching…with Plutonium Muffin needle-top (Copyright Corrie B)

I’m using a variegated yarn that I’ve had for years, and is definitely an unknown. I have two shades of the same yarn with the same variegation pattern — pink and purple. I’m alternating between the two (although I’ve only done two sets so far) and will see what they come out like. I’m not too fussed if they’re not brilliant — I’m having fun knitting them anyway.

Does anybody else wear leg-warmers? When?

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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4 Responses to WIPW (5) – Legwarmers

  1. My sister asked for legwarmers for Christmas. She gets up very early and walks 40 mins to the subway with her neighbour on weekday mornings, all year round. Those winter mornings can be very cold so she pulls the legwarmers on over her stockings and she’s good to go. I think your mystery yarn is very colourful – your legwarmers are sure to be fun!

    • Corrie says:

      I made my mum one for Christmas…and ran out of yarn 7/8’s through the second, so now she just has one haha! Need to get the yarn for the second one…

      I’m looking forward to wearing these!

  2. Michelle says:

    I haven’t worn leg warmers in a while, but I used to like wearing them over tights! I think they’re really cute, and definitely functional!

    • Corrie says:

      That’s how I like them too, or if I’m wearing really baggy trousers then I stick them underneath! (This isn’t very lady-like, but hey :) )

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