April 2015 Resolutions

Welcome to April! I’ve had a bit of a silly day and have found it hard to come up with new resolutions. The list is here, but I think that in the spirit of WIP Wednesday, let’s think of it as a working document! I find April Fool’s Day tough because I’m like, the most gullible person in the world, so I end up looking like a fool for about two weeks going into April. I did enjoy the Moo.com joke though – scented business cards! They should do that.

Recap of March Resolutions

Through illness – both as a result of Edinburgh Yarn Festival and self-inflicted stupidity – I was a bit rubbish in March. Here’s the down-low!

  1. Spin for ten minutes a day – no, in fact I did a ridiculously small amount of spinning. I need to card my fibre and I’m really putting it off.
  2. Follow my new schedule every week day – sort of! As I say, I was a bit unwell, so I was a bit rubbish with this one.
  3. Make 3 headbands and a hat for – made a hat! Find it here.
  4. Knit my next pair of socks – yes, finished the Angel Socks.
  5. Work on Naloa – yes, nearly halfway through the first chart of the pattern! No photos yet.
    The Angel Socks - blocking on the door because Tonks finds them irresistible to play with.
    The Angel Socks – blocking on the door because Tonks finds them irresistible to play with.

    Lizzie with her new hat, beaming!
    Lizzie with her new hat, beaming!

April Resolutions

I’ve fallen off the band wagon with some of my things, so I’m going to keep things a bit easy this month and try get back to my good habits.

  1. Follow running schedule
  2. Send baby jumper to New Zealand
  3. Cast on a new pair of socks
  4. Write learners pattern
  5. Publish boxes with cards in it

I have had to re-write my running schedule because I was so rubbish in March…but I need to get back on it!

Check out the rest of the Monthly Resolutions on Ravelry here.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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2 Responses to April 2015 Resolutions

  1. Happy Easter! I hope the resolutions go well! xx

  2. Regula says:

    Take it easy! :-) The hat and the girl are beautiful! Happy Easter. Regula

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