The Edinburgh Yarn Festival Album

Here are all the photos from Edinburgh Yarn Festival! I talked about some of these on Episode 11 of the podcast. There is still so much material I want to share with you about this event, but in the meantime you can keep up-to-date on the goings on by subscribing to the mailing list over on

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I spent the majority of my weekend in the Podcast Lounge – I’ll tell you more about that later on this week, but mad props to Louise of Knit British, who did an amazing job making an incredible space for us to spend our time in.

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This was a wonderful event on the Saturday evening, hosted by Felicity Ford of KnitSonik, with a quiz that was helped along by Ysolda Teague, Louise of the Knit British Podcast, and Hazel Tindall of fairisle knitting fame. I did not take many photos because I was too busy being rowdy with Shelley of Little House in the Corner – she has a lovely post on Edinburgh too, which I’ve linked to.

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Vendors at Edinburgh Yarn Festival

There were so many lovely vendors – and I did not manage to photograph everything, but here is the selection of those photos I did take.

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  1. Brilliant :)
    yes we were a little rowdy especially after a couple of drinks. I had a fab time and it was awesome to meet you!

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