Designer? Me?

I won tickets to go to the Creatives Stitches and Hobbycrafts Show in Manchester on Saturday, courtesy of “Let’s Knit” magazine. I’m very excited to go – I love talking to people about craft, I’m taking my friend MdB, and I anticipate I’m going to come back feeling like I’ve been to Disneyland!

However, I wanted to be able to tell people about Plutonium Muffins – quite often I go to fairs and markets (or even just cafes and the streets of London) and the fact that I run the site crops up in conversation. I normally scribble the address down onto a scruffy piece of paper. Not any more!

Business Card – Designer?

I’ve been trying my hand at designing some business cards. Don’t get me wrong, I come from quite an artistic family, but my forte for years was violin/viola/music in general. I’ve always drawn a bit, dabbled with photoshop, even tried my hand at designing documents for a previous job. But, I’ve never, ever thought of myself a designer. I’ve had no formal training, and no real advice or tuition on the matter.

I have no 'designer Corrie' photos, so have a picture of a rabbit knitting instead.
I have no ‘designer Corrie’ photos, so have a picture of a rabbit knitting instead.

Then, this came in from one of the Gadget Case (which is now called the Customisable Gadget Case and is registered on Ravelry…pattern pending…) test-knitters.

It’s a very ingenious pattern; you and [JS] did a most excellent job with the design and the code. I also liked the extra touches like the patch and finishing options.

Yay you! You’re a brilliant designer and pattern writer (those two things don’t always go together ☺).

Designer. She called me a designer. Along with my musings on being ‘published’ the other week, I can’t really believe someone called me a designer.

Incidentally, the message was lovely to receive. I rushed to JS to show him and spent about a day glowing in the generosity of it. Thank you!

Glowing, like this. (Here we all are singing, by the way).
Glowing, like this. (Here we all are singing, by the way).

Anyway, as I said, I’m designing business cards and am wondering what to put on them. Designer? I don’t think so! I’ll probably call myself “Chief Alien” and pu up a picture of myself wearing an alien helmet. What do you think?

Is anybody else going to the show this weekend?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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