My Favourite Things Knitalong – the start of a project

I cast on “My Favourite Things” by Jill McGee on the last day of August, and I am really enjoying this project! It’s slow going and quite heavy – and I’m using magic loop on needles with a cable that is too short – but I’m really enjoying the project and finding it just as addictive as everyone warned!

My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things is a knitalong that Martine of iMake is hosting. It started mid-August, and there are loads of people going with it. Some of the projects they are producing are absolutely gorgeous – you can see these in the iMake Ravelry thread about the project here. My Favourite Things logo

There is no real deadline to the KAL, which is part of the reason I was so desperate to join in – I have been finding deadline knitting too stressful, which is also part of the reason I’ve decided I’m not doing any Christmas knitting this year. It’s also FUN. I have a brainstorm going in one of my sketchbooks (which contains absolutely NO sketching) with all the things I wanted to included in it. I think I’m going to have to knit at least three of these projects to fit all the ideas on!

Sketchbook planning of the motifs I will look for.
Sketchbook planning of the motifs I will look for.

I’ve mentioned that I’m finding the knitting quite heavy-going – I’m using 4 mm Chiagoo circular needles with a 55 cm cable. This is not quite short enough to have a continuous round, but it’s not quite long enough to comfortably use the magic loop method. I haven’t quite decided what to do. I entertained the idea of switching to dpns, but I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to juggle 108 stitches on four needles. Argh! I think I will buy a longer cable when I am in Loop tomorrow, and just increase the cable length so things are a bit more comfy.

I’m using scrap yarn that I found in my stash, as I am on a major yarn diet until I have used my bits all up. It took me about a week to decide what type of yarn I was going to use, and I needed the needles that I was using in Zigzag Jumper*, so after what felt like forever of umming and ahhing, I went for double knitting wool and forced myself to finish the jumper. The choice of weight was mainly because I had a better variety of colours – although it would appear that when I bought all of this yarn, I went for autumnal colours!

My Favourite Things as it currently stands.
My Favourite Things as it currently stands.

The colours of my yarns are a bit dull for my taste – but I will figure this out as I go – you can see I used a fingering weight in pale yellow and some gold Anchor Artiste Metallic for the moon and star to add some pop to the yellow!

As for sourcing the patterns – I’m using a variety of sources, from “200 Fair Isle Motifs” to The Internet (Tricksy Knitter is great). I’m editing a lot of the patterns I am finding to fit into a 36/18/12/6 stitch repeat, and keeping track of this in my sketchbook too. It’s a very absorbing project.

A fantastic source of fairisle motifs.
A fantastic source of fairisle motifs.

That said, I have had to cast on some other, simpler knitting, because with my mental health in the state it is currently in, I have been finding MFT quite hard to concentrate on. I’ll work through it!

Better head to bed…it’s late round these parts!

Much love,

Corrie xx

Clover motif from "200 Fair Isle Motifs"
Clover motif from “200 Fair Isle Motifs”
Some of the motifs I've been editing for my own purposes.
Some of the motifs I’ve been editing for my own purposes.

* John has decided he quite likes Zigzag Jumper. It doesn’t really suit him!

John modelling my gorgeous jumper.
John modelling my gorgeous jumper.
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5 Responses to My Favourite Things Knitalong – the start of a project

  1. Christine N says:

    Haha! That’s so funny that he likes your sweater so much.
    That sounds like a really cool project. I might have to put it in my Ravelry library. Yours doesn’t look too dull to me. The pop of color in your elephant motif really brightens what you already have.

  2. Regula says:

    I love the elephants. :-) Very nice knitting project. Regula

  3. Martine says:

    Ooooh it looks SO nice Corrie! :-)

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