Finishing off, snow, and…food poisoning!

JS and I went to a pub near London Bridge Saturday, after wandering around Borough Market for a while, sampling the delights that the owners of various stalls had to offer. While there, I spent a while sewing up some things that I’ve had sitting in my WIP basket for a while, which are for a few events happening later this year. JS took this delightful photo of me with a mouthful of pins, which prompted one of the guys we were sitting with to joke that I was making a voodoo doll. Delightful!

Preparing to voodoo the teddy I'm making...! (Copyright John S)
Preparing to voodoo the teddy I’m making…! (Copyright John S)

A very pretty snow-covered sign. (Copyright John S)
A very pretty snow-covered sign. (Copyright John S)

While we were in the pub, it started snowing — something I was less than thrilled about after the disaster that was the snow in England last year!

Anyway, we went on to Turtle‘s birthday dinner, a very posh restaurant, definitely the poshest I’ve ever eaten at. We had ordered our food a few weeks ago – JS and I shared a starter, had separate mains, then shared a brownie. I’m sorry for getting so specific, but I mention it for a good reason — the starter we shared obviously hadn’t been cooked properly, because after a very cold trek and a few hours of very disturbed sleep, we both spent the remainder of the night throwing up with awful food poisoning. Gross.

The Birthday Girl heads home through the snow (Copyright Anna S)
The Birthday Girl heads home through the snow (Copyright Anna S)

We were going to be cleaning the flat yesterday, then heading out to join Daddykins at a talk he was giving, but weakness and unsettled stomachs kept us in bed late. I headed downstairs when I was up, sewed the head on a bear and some buttons on an item of clothing, then back to a warm bath to try get myself feeling OK. When I got out, I managed to put up some shelves, which will enable me to keep my knitting books and mags in better order than they are now. Hurrah!

It’s been a chilled weekend, partly enforced by the illness, and I’ve finished a load of things that have been sitting in my basket for a long time. Yay!

Wondering what kind of things everyone else has in their WIP piles? Mine tend to be really small fiddly finishing off jobs, which is so annoying — all that effort to knit them, then they sit around for ages while I get together the inspiration to sew them up and decorate! Big plans regarding this to be unveiled in the next few weeks!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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