[Giveaway] Great London Yarn Crawl Bags! CLOSED

Today I get to talk about the Great London Yarn Crawl Project Bags! These were given to us when we arrived at our meeting places, and were crammed full of goodies. I’ve got two of the project bags (unfortunately, empty) to give away today, thanks to the generosity of Rachel and Allison, who gave me two of the bags in return for a donation to Refuge.

Great London Yarn Crawl Project Bags

Our goody bags were filled with a plethora of delightful treats and goodies. I’ll talk through them all separately as I believe the wonderful generosity of the people who filled them up deserves a shout-out! The bags themselves were A4 paper sized, I would say, and great for a pair of socks, hat, pair of mittens or a knitted octopus. Mine now holds a pair of socks in the works!

The full hoard.
The full hoard.


Inspiration Knits beads and tutorial sheet

These were two small packs of beads with a tutorial from Inspiration Knits teaching you how to use them if you never had. One of my resolutions in April 2013 was to knit something with beads in it – that ambition was never achieved and the pattern suggestions and tutorial are thus most welcome! I also got a badge, which has been added to my growing collection of knitting related pointy things. Do not mess with me!

Inspiration Knits beads and pointy things, hurrah.
Inspiration Knits beads and pointy things, hurrah.


Lots of fantastic discount vouchers were available for the yarn crawlers – Wild and Wooly are serious enablers, with a great offer for a sweater quantity of yarn. Stitch Up and Sharp Works also had discount vouchers for us which could be used for up to a month after leaving, and Loop offered anybody wearing the Great London Yarn Crawl 2014 badge a 10% discount on the day. I’m plotting what to use my vouchers on…

We also got a little something from Max’s World, who gave out several of the door prizes. I love the little octopus postcard!

Knitting octopus pattern available at Max's World!
Knitting octopus pattern available at Max’s World!

Kettle Yarn Co project bag tag

Linda sells these project bag tags on her Etsy shop, and they are great for labelling your projects in the hopes that if they ever go missing, they will be returned to you. I have not yet decided which project bag mine will go on, but probably the big cupcake one, which only gets taken out for Serious Projects.

A project bag tag from Linda!
A project bag tag from Linda!

Mini Skeins and yarn

We got three mini-skeins each. Mine were:

Lioness Arts BFL sock yarn.
Lioness Arts BFL sock yarn.
Countess Ablaze Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
Countess Ablaze Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
Whimzy sock yarn with no more details than that!
Whimzy sock yarn with no more details than that!

I have absolutely no idea what to do with a mini-skein of yarn. Do I wear it as a bracelet? Knit a tiny, tiny hat? Make Skinny Liz a small blanket? (Actually, that’s not a bad idea…)

Classic Yarns

I also got a ball of Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 ply in Thunder colourway. I can’t wait to knit with this, I’ll probably make a small hat or similar.

Rowan Cashsoft in gorgeous THUNDER.
Rowan Cashsoft in gorgeous THUNDER.


We were also spoiled by a free pattern, Rockpool by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud. Not only did we get the free pattern, but a Ravelry code too so we could download the digital copy. I give any designer who does this a thousand knitting points. The shawl is gorgeous, and looks like it may be a good candidate for pairing up with my beads! Watch this space…

Rockpool Shawl.
Rockpool Shawl.


The last thing in the goody bag was a sampler of Soak. I love getting these, and wish I could make them a million times bigger. I have never bought a full bottle, but boy do I want to. I’m going to put it on my Christmas wishlist, in fact. Soak is a fantastic laundry detergent for normal clothes – and for blocking hand-knits. Fact.

The Giveaway

So, I advertised this as a giveaway – what do you have to do to get your hands on one of these two project bags with the Great London Yarn Crawl 2014 logo on it? Simply tell me in the comments section of this post which of the above you would most like, and what you would do with it. (If you were a yarn crawler, you already have a bag and don’t need another! But if you really must, your favourite goody from the day.)

The giveaway will close on the 4th of October, and is open to applicants worldwide. You must leave contact details in your comment or I will redraw if your name is pulled out. Selection will be done by a random number generator. This giveaway is now closed.

Project bags from the front.
Project bags from the front.
For completeness of information, the back of the bags.
For completeness of information, the back of the bags.

Get commenting!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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15 Responses to [Giveaway] Great London Yarn Crawl Bags! CLOSED

  1. Rose Scott says:

    The item I would most like is the bag with the London Yarn Crawl on it so I could carry my projects with me and have everyone jealous that I got to go to the fabulous city of London. I, of course, would have to tell the truth that it was only in my dreams. Thank you for an awesome giveaway.

  2. Liz Hall says:

    The item (besides the bag itself–which would be very cool to carry in Indianapolis Indiana) would be the bag tag. I have never (knock on wood) lost a knitting project but after the stories I read on Ravelry, I think I want to label everything I travel with.

    Thanks for this fun contest

  3. angelina says:

    whimsy sock – some socks ;} thank you !! i hope i win , then i am forced to make socks. first timer .. x

  4. Karin says:

    The bag of course is fantastic and for someone living very far away and reading about the Great London Yarn Crawl (where I lived many years ago and pre knitting times) would be so much fun to have and show off. I do however have to say the mini skeins would a real treat and I’d use them to knit some stranded mittens something as a nod to the great city of London. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. asteride says:

    Lovely giveaway! And the bag is great! I bet you had a lot of fun in the Yarn crawl and got a lot of new ideas and inspiration. If I really have to choose I would say the mini skeins, how about little stars or snowflakes to crochet or knit? No, not for ornaments, but for elbow patches on beautiful sweaters!
    (just found it today).
    asteride on Ravelry.

  6. Sheila says:

    I would love to have the bag (I would have loved even more to have been able to magically transport myself to London for the yarn crawl itself). Of the goodies you got in the bag, the mini-skeins would be my favorite, particularly that lovely red Countess Ablaze. I like use sock yarn scraps and samples to knit little stuffies, like Anna Hrachovec’s MochiMochi patterns. I mix in lavender with the stuffing and use them as sachets to keep the evil moths away from my stash, and to keep my dresser drawers smelling nice.

  7. Joanne says:

    I would most like the bag. Even though I live on the other side of the world, I have been yarn shopping in London. It’s been a few years so I’m definitely overdue for another visit. The Rockpool pattern is amazing, too.

  8. I would love to win the bag with the inspiration knits beads and tutorial sheet, I love knitting and beading so would make something knitted and sparkly

  9. Cassandra says:

    The bag would be perfect – I was in London in July and didn’t get to visit a single yarn shop (I was so disappointed I didn’t have time) but if I had to pick I would pick the inspiration knit beads as I have been wanting to learn how to knit with beads :)

  10. Julia says:

    What a fantastic goody bag and contents! My favourite goody would be the Soak sachet, I’ve not used any yet, but have read a number of glowing reviews. It’s very generous of you to donate to Refuge for the bags and then give them away!
    Stumpy01 on Ravelry

  11. Sue Zinski says:

    The bag of course, but also the beads, I am planning a shawl with some wonderful silk and the pattern uses beads, so they would be put right to use.

  12. Linda says:

    The mini skeins would be my favorite thing in the bag. I’ve always wanted to try Countess Ablaze.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  13. Charlotte says:

    I would love the beads, as I too have yet to knit anything with beads in it, and would love to give it a try!

  14. astrid says:

    am deep in sock knitting atm, so I would love to try the beautiful sock yarn

  15. Tracy says:

    I’d love a bag, perfect for sock knitting for my commute to London. And the mini skeins would be perfect for contrasting heels and toes.

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