Episode Four: Mvere

The latest episode of the Plutonium Muffins Podcast includes the #WIPCrackAway knitalong, some big news regarding fleeces, a resolutions update and a lesson on another breed of sheep. Enjoy – and don’t forget to enter the giveaway before the 5th of October!

Episode Four: Mvere


“wool” in Shona

Section One: Knitting

In the Oven

Gourmet Knitting

The Kitchen Cupboard

  • My stash enhancements are Malabrigo, Rowan Fine Lace, Lioness Arts, Countess Ablaze and Whimsy. Stash found here.
  • Elegance Scarf Wrap


The first half of the Icon Dress
The first half of the Icon Dress

Section Two: Spinning


  • Splash still on the go

In the Pantry

Le Cordon Bleu

Section Three: Resolutions

Section Four: Crafty Roots

A Good Yarn


  • Mouflon Sheep post
  • Navajo Churro (blog post to come on the 6th of October)


Contact me!

Tune is “Camembert” played by John on fiddle and Micky on guitar on Sunday 28th September 2014, with optional percussive interludes by a cute little springer spaniel puppy.

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  1. Love listening to your podcasts

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