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Happy Good Friday! I was just wondering what I could write about today when I suddenly realised it’s Friday. I’ve been feeling a bit at sea the last few days, not sure whether I was coming or going – but this is good! I can reassess where I am and think back to the last week with Five on Friday, which is normally hosted on Love Made My Home, although she’s taken a week off today.

Good Friday

I’ve had a really good day today getting ready to go home for the weekend. I don’t actually know where my parents live at the moment – they moved house a month or two ago, so I packed light, which meant one bag of clothes and one bag of knitting projects…

  • Foxy Loxy
  • Capucine
  • Naloa
  • Masokisi

That should keep me going for two days…

John made a tasty breakfast of Egg’s Benedict (on Hot Cross Buns instead of muffins!) and we gave Tonks a big cuddle before we left. I’m writing this on my laptop as we drive down to the Devon, and I am even really pleased we got stuck in traffic for a-a-a-ages because it meant I finished a knitting project I really needed to finish before we get to our destination.

Baby Projects

I cast on a baby project last week. It’s Foxy Loxy by Joeli Caparco. I talked about it in Episode 11 of the podcast! A colourwork project, I had started with my colourwork strands being carried along every four stitches…until I remembered the jumper is for a baby, and little fingers wouldn’t deal well with that.

I frogged the whole sweater from hem to armpits, and started again. It felt really good to do that – not just knitting for the sake of knitting, but thinking about the end user and not letting myself be too upset with myself for having to frog so much.

I’m now back to where I started, and the body piece is now on stitch holders while I get started on the arms.

Foxy Loxy in progress, it'll look fab when it's blocked....
Foxy Loxy in progress, it’ll look fab when it’s blocked….


I made Wonder-Gran a Capucine for Christmas, and she returned it to me in January so I could add a modification. The hat is a bonnet-style hat, and she lives on Dartmoor, which is super0-duper cold when she goes for her daily walks. She was getting a chill on the back of her neck, so she asked me to knit a piece down the middle back of the hat so that she had a flap that kept her warm over there.

I did this by picking up three stitches in the ‘v’ that is formed at that ‘seam’ (if you’ve ever knit the hat you know what I mean, and if you haven’t I’m sure you don’t much care about exact details) and then knitted down, picking up stitches for five rows, then increasing until I got to a good length. A few rows of ribbing for continuity on the ribbed brim of the hat, and I cast off. It feels fabulous to have improvised a modification by myself – I may actually make a real knitter of myself yet!

As it is currently pitch black in the car apart from my laptop screen, no photo of that for you! I’ll post one when I give it to Gran on Sunday.


I went to p-LUSH last weekend in Coventry, on the invitation of Belinda Harris-Reid. I had a really fab time and I’m still flying on the experience – I got to hang out with over 400 alpacas, and I recorded some really interesting audio for you all for the next podcast! That will come out on Monday or Tuesday next week – in the meantime, here are a couple of cute photos.

An alpaca at p-LUSH having a bit of a scratch!
An alpaca at p-LUSH having a bit of a scratch!
Alpacas are curious creatures. I want one. Or ten.
Alpacas are curious creatures. I want one. Or ten.

My cold is gone!

I am super pleased that my cold is gone and my health is back up to its normal rude self. I’m back on my running regime and I’m going to try sort out my eating habits so that I have at least two meals a day – I don’t know who else has found that working from home means you often forget to eat?! Hurrah for good health.

So that’s that! I’m linking up with Planet Penny for Happy Friday today – check it out here.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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8 Responses to Good Friday, projects, festivals and health

  1. Ginny says:

    I would quite like an alpaca too. They look so cute, though I have heard they can be grumpy.

  2. Lilly's Mom says:

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your knitting projects. The alpaca are adorable.

  3. VeggieMummy says:

    I’m not sure I could bring myself to frog something from hem to armpits! Well done. Those alpacas are so cute with their furry heads. Enjoy your weekend. x

  4. Hi, well I’m loving the look of your baby project. So cute.
    I am in Devon as well until Wednesday :) have fun.

  5. I love your foxy knitting.
    I live in Coventry but had no idea about p-LUSH. Looked like a lovely day out, alpacas have such friendly faces!

  6. isla says:

    I tend to forget to drink which is probably even worse!!!! I wonder why I feel rubbish and have a headache! Then remember that I have only had a coupe of drinks all day.

  7. Planet Penny says:

    So glad you are feeling better. I find I really have to concentrate on meals so I eat healthily. When I’m on my own I find it so easy to snack on something handy which is not healthy to save time. And like Isla, it’s very easy to forget to drink!

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