Podcast Episode 11: Gamha

Episode Eleven of the Plutonium Muffins Podcast: Gamha updates you on all of my projects, my new fibre hobby and Edinburgh Yarn Festival! I am publishing this from the p-Lush British Design and Fibre Festival, so some of the images have not uploaded because of a connectivity issue – please check back on Monday to see the EYF album and some of the other photos!

It’s a really long one this week – sorry about that. I’ve made it really clear where Edinburgh Yarn Festival chatter starts so you can skip that if you want to.

Episode 11: Gamha


“catch” in Shona

Section 1: Knitting

  • Updated all my Ravelry – find me here

In the Oven

  • Saguaro by Renee Callahan
  • Malabrigo Rios in Indiecita and Sunset – a 100% Superwash Merino
  • Fox Stole by Sincerely Louise
  • Naloa by Renee Callahan
  • Kettle Yarn Co
  • Beyul 20% baby yak / 20% silk / 60% superwash merino Electric Aramanth
  • Westminster 55% camel / 45% silk Dark Media

    The Saguaro Pattern with 'Sunset' cacti growing 'up'.
    The Saguaro Pattern with ‘Sunset’ cacti growing ‘up’.

The Cooling Rack

Future Recipes

The Kitchen Cupboard

  • Four skeins of Kettle Yarn Co Twist in Rosehip, Petal and two OOAK
  • Sirdar Snuggly DK

Gourmet Knitting

Section Two: Spinning

The Trunk


Section Three: Weaving

  • New loom! 30 cm Ashford Knitter’s Loom
My first ever woven scarf.
My first ever woven scarf.

Section Four: Monthly Resolutions

Welcome to the Resolutions Monthly group to: lkruzich, Stirckbiene, Jess412, pinkgaura, BDLasGi, ewenique-1, kninjasticks, Krinkelmaus, MistakenZygote, yarnsable, SirHK47, magrissima, wendyweaves and Creativedreams

My Resolutions

  1. Spin for ten minutes a day
  2. Follow my new schedule every week day
  3. Playing with my new knitting machine every week
  4. Knit my next pair of socks
  5. Work on Naloa

Guest Resolutions

  • General group thread for walking/running
  • CindyG2 walked 3 miles, kelv is doing great on Couch to 5K, Tabby15 walked 15 miles to see a friend (!), psmknits walked 30 blocks (8 km/5 miles)

Crafty Roots

27/03/15 – I will put all of these links up soon – short on time at the moment.

  • Edinburgh Yarn Festival – the Album
  • Knit British Podcast
  • Shiny Bees Podcast
  • Caithness Craft Collective Podcast
  • Knitsonik Podcast
  • The Knitsonik book
  • Gem on Twitter
  • Isla on Twitter
  • Shelley on Twitter
  • Little Owl Crafts
  • Tilly Flop Designs
  • Owl Print Panda
  • Purl Alpaca
  • Belinda Harris Reid
  • Ginger Twist Studio
  • Stephen West
  • Ysolda Teague
  • John Arbon (and check out the giveaway)
  • [forgot to mention but worth a look] Eden Cottage Yarns


Welcome to Plutonium Muffins group whitehart, Albaaluco, knittingsheeple

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  1. isla says:

    Catching up on podcasts. Good to relive EYF memories! Are you coming to Edinburgh for the yarn crawl? If not hope to catch up with you in YiTC in September.

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