May Resolutions and an April Recap

Before you even come near me today, I’m going to warn you that I have had a particularly terrible April, and my resolutions are not going to be even slightly achieved. With that in mind, I’m going to keep things for May fairly free – I seem to be hitting that ‘oh my, it’s nearly summer’ decrease in knitting productivity…

So, here’s what went down (or rather, didn’t) in April. To find out what other people are up to on Ravelry, check out Resolutions Monthly.

April 2015 Resolutions

I was feeling rather enthusiastic when I set these…perhaps that was part of the problem!

  1. Follow running schedule – I’m only just on track for the half-marathon in September, and I’m not sure how I’m currently feeling about the Nike Women’s 10K in June…the schedule says I will be running 12km regularly by then, but it hasn’t been good and I’ve had to rewrite the whole thing. I have no sick days left…which means I’ve taken two months off training over the last five months, which is no good!
  2. Send baby jumper to New Zealand – I sent it off and the little kiwi was born on the 29th of April! His name is Oliver, and I’m in love. I don’t think the jumper has arrived yet though.
  3. Cast on a new pair of socks – I cast them on – I thought I was doing worse on this resolution, as I remembered it as being “finish” a new pair of socks, so that’s a relief!

    My vanilla socks in Biscotte & Cie's Felix base, colourway "Hope"
    My vanilla socks in Biscotte & Cie’s Felix base, colourway “Hope”
  4. Write learners pattern – nope.
  5. Publish boxes with cards in it – nope.

I can’t say specifically what made me fail on those last two, or why my running has been so sketchy in April. I’m going to change tack slightly for May and see if that helps. I think getting out of the house regularly will help me on a number of different things, so I’m going to start doing reports for you!

I’m going to get more specific on the next month’s resolutions than I have in a long time, and see what happens. I started doing fewer each month about a year ago when my mental health started deteriorating significantly. Here’s to progress!

May 2015 Resolutions

Here’s the list:

  1. Turn the heel on Masokisi
  2. Finish Naloa
  3. Finish first half of alpaca fibre
  4. Sew together hexipuffs for Tonks
  5. Learn one new technique on my loom
  6. Make John’s birthday present
  7. Make Nico’s birthday present
  8. Make Mum’s birthday present
  9. Mend dungarees

    My dungarees started with an artful small hole which has gradually increased in size with wear.
    My dungarees started with an artful small hole which has gradually increased in size with wear.
  10. Mend sweater
  11. Make Tonks a new bed
  12. Do at least seven hours of leisure craft a week

I think that will do! I have never, ever had this many resolutions before, and I’m interested to know how it will affect me. There are lots of birthdays coming up, so I’m going to have to make sure I’m organised!

I’ve also been thinking about doing a link party for Resolutions. However, this will not be free and I have to watch my finances carefully now (because Plutonium Muffins is now a limited company donchaknow) so I don’t want to cough up and do it without knowing whether or not it will be used. Do you think you would join in on a monthly resolutions link party?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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4 Responses to May Resolutions and an April Recap

  1. My goodness that is a lot of resolutions for May! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find you put some aside because that really is an awful lot to achieve!! I hope though that you can do it and that you will have a wonderful month!!! xx

    • Corrie Berry says:

      Thank you! I hope I will be able to achieve it as well…I was going to go easy on myself, but then I decided to give myself a challenge. If I am not 100% successful, I won’t stress out. What’s the worst that could happen! xx

  2. amey says:

    I need more details about what a “link party” would involve (I’m guessing not the hero from “Legend of Zelda”).

    • Corrie Berry says:

      I see you do Yarn Along – that’s a link party, basically where everyone posts links relating to a specific project! I have a list of many of the ones I participate in here.

      And no, although I think that would be awesome. I might have a Link from Zelda party anyway ;) You’re invited! Hehe.

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