Friday Roundup: Yarn, People, Projects

I am grateful for yarn, the people I love, yarn and the cat. I’m also grateful that I need to do this Friday recap, because I’m feeling particularly miserable right now and it can only be good having to focus on the good things! OH, but…pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

I’m writing this at 4 am – I went out for dinner last night and feel really sick as a result of something I ate. I think it’s less to do with what I ate and more to do with the type of food that it was…very rich TGI Friday’s grub. I used to be able to guzzle the stuff…my iron constitution has apparently failed slightly since the last time I went a few years ago! So, here goes nothing.

John Arbon Yarn

I saw John, Juliet and Frankie, some of the lovely John Arbon Textiles team, at Wonderwool Wales last weekend. I had a bit of a revelation as I was debating whether my souvenir fibre from the show would be roving or a skein of the Dove Grey Merino Laceweight that I recently gave away…as much as I wanted the lace yarn, I could get more bang for my buck with roving, and I ended up getting 300g of beautiful pomegranate coloured fibre to spin at my leisure.

Organically Farmed Merino Laceweight in Dove Grey.
Organically Farmed Merino Laceweight in Dove Grey.

A follow-up email with Frankie resulted in the best thing ever – she wanted to know if I would like to try the laceweight out, and has sent it to me for review. I asked for it in red rather than the dove grey (my twenty minutes of pondering made me realise that the dove grey at least didn’t compliment my skin tone), and it arrived yesterday. I’ve got a new section of my lounge which showcases our whisky and yarn collection, and it will soon be joining the piles here.

Beautiful merino laceweight - review to come soon!
Beautiful merino laceweight – review to come soon!
The new whiskey and yarn shelf. With added Vitamin C for health!
The new whiskey and yarn shelf. With added Vitamin C for health!

Before you ask, this is not my stash. This is the stuff that I can’t bear to put in The Trunk for now, either because it’s destined for an approaching project, or because it’s too pretty.

Wonderwool Wales

While I’m on the subject, Wonderwool Wales was a-ma-zing. I was sent a press pass by the organisers and spent a good amount of the weekend going around trying to get interviews with a range of people. I managed to get five in the end, and am still editing my audio and putting the podcast together, but it will be up very soon. I was a little overwhelmed by how beautiful everything was, how many vendors were there, the live animals (as if the p-LUSH episode didn’t let you know how much I like animals) and the size of the show.

I even managed to persuade John to come, so he has met some lovely friends of mine, and two parts of my world have collided in a way that was unexpected, but fantastic!

John enjoyed being in Wales a lot.
John enjoyed being in Wales a lot.
An Angora bunny! So fluffeh.
An Angora bunny! So fluffeh.

Ginger Twist Studio Yarn

I know, I’m meant to be cold sheeping. However, when Jess of Ginger Twist Studio put a few skeins of Je Suis Pret, an Outlander inspired yarn, in her shop, I knew what I had to do. This stuff is gold dust. I have no idea what it’s going to be, and I haven’t bought yarn without a purpose for a long time. It’s on my new shelf of yarn, and I’m admiring it at every opportunity.

Je Suis Pret in all of it's Fraser tartan inspired Outlander glory.
Je Suis Pret in all of it’s Fraser tartan inspired Outlander glory.

Meeting all the people

There was a lot of meeting up with people this week! Although I have had a cold, I managed to see an old flatmate, a university friend and John’s family. We were celebrating two birthdays, one which I shall tell you more about when I am allowed to, and the other my friend Grumpy’s. I failed at being a friend and left her present sitting on the side, so what a shame, I’ll have to see her again!

I got no photos of any of this, which is highly unusual, and a mark of how good a time I was having.

Project Progress

I said I wouldn’t talk about one of these until it was finished, but you can get the gist of it here. I’m doing well, and also have three other projects on the go which are in active service and doing well. I suspect I will have two, if not three finished objects this weekend – not too bad! More information on my modifications of Naloa here.

The Unmentionable Project, which is currently playing in the plying park.
The Unmentionable Project, which is currently playing in the plying park.
Naloa, three-quarters done. I should have bound off just where you see the last stripe of grey.
Naloa, three-quarters done. I should have bound off just where you see the last stripe of grey.

That’s all for now! I’m hooking up with my usual link parties, and will see you for the round-up next Friday.

Much love,

Corrie xx

PS I’ve had to bow to financial pressure and put some ads on the blog. I always told myself I would never do this, but with costs of web hosting, podcast hosting and general living rising, I need to get extra income everywhere I can. If you fancy clicking on a link, I won’t stop you..! Or you can directly support the Plutonium Muffins empire by clicking on the Support Sheep in the links bar to the right, or by visiting the Skinny Lizzy shop.


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8 Responses to Friday Roundup: Yarn, People, Projects

  1. How did you manage to make John come along to Wonderwool? I cannot seem to persuade my other half! He’d enjoy the animals, but not much else.

    • Corrie Berry says:

      It was less me and more our friend Vix – he hasn’t seen her for years and she managed to guilt him into coming! But I think he had a great time, and he spent one and a half days when I wasn’t dragging him around meeting people either in the pub or cycling around in gorgeous weather. Not all bad!

  2. Thank you so much as always for joining in! All of those yarns are so lovely aren’t they, really pretty and I am sure that you will enjoy working with them and we will enjoy seeing the results! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

    • Corrie Berry says:

      The only problem with having such beautiful yarns is that I’m so impatient that I want to cast on ALL THE THINGS and never seem to actually finish anything!!

  3. Lilly's Mom says:

    This is such a lovely selection of yarns you have shared today. I’m sure you will have many wonderful hours knitting beautful creations. Have a great weekend !

  4. VeggieMummy says:

    Just love that whisky and yarn shelf and well done for persuading John to go to the show! Have a great weekend. x

  5. Annie says:

    I now have Wonderwool envy … I couldn’t make it this year and have been trying to pretend I didn’t miss much. Admittedly that was an epic fail, even before I read this post :)

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