More Hand-Warmers!

Modelling my (very attractive) jester hat! (Copyright Corrie B) Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend, and are enjoying Sunday. It’s extremely grey and cold in London this morning — I’m sitting at my desk with a hot-water bottle, huge fluffy pink slippers, a jester hat I made when I was 14 and my very warm work hoodie!

It was my darling JS‘ mum’s Birthday on Friday, The hand-warmers in all their glory (Copyright Corrie B) and we all (being the seven members of his family and I) went to see La Soiree. JS and I have both been really busy with work recently, and I didn’t quite manage to finish her present. We met his sister, Turtle, in a pub and went through ‘craft hour’, frantically knitting and carrying on. This went on right through to dinner — I sewed the Close-up of the sea-shell buttons which I love (Copyright Corrie B) last button on, and we presented Wonder-Mum Two with her own set of hand-warmers*.

I think she liked them — she seemed rather thrilled! Hurrah.

Anyway, I’m still busy with work, and knitting more birthday presents, as well as a few other things on the go, so I’d best get on with it!

Much love,

Corrie xx

* Both Wonder-Mum the First and Wonder-Mum Two now have hand-warmers. Yay!

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