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Dandelion Dyeing Disasters(?)

I’ve been experimenting with natural dyeing and the various dye-stuffs I find around the farm while I’m at home. What makes this all so much more exciting is the fact that the Royal Parents have an Aga, so I can pop … Continue reading

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Friday Round-up: sewing, sewing, spinning

This week has disappeared in a spiral of sewing and spinning – I’m so surprised it is already Friday! (I actually don’t think I know what day it really is? Monday?!)Anyway, with instant gratification something that I’ve been needing, as … Continue reading

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A weekend of Granny Squares

I went home to Devon this weekend and spent the time in a very pleasant manner, working on my projects, drawing, visiting my grandmothers, eating good food and drinking too much good Devon ale. It was lovely being home – … Continue reading

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April Resolutions are here!

It’s the time of the year again – the beginning of a new month and time to set my resolutions for April 2014. Before I start on that though, I thought I would look back at last year and how … Continue reading

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Six years in making a patchwork blanket!

My gran and I started making a patchwork blanket long, long ago – I was enamoured by the idea of having loads of squares to sew together, and she enjoyed having easy garter stitch things to knit in front of … Continue reading

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Those blooming legwarmers…

This is a story about legwarmers that are going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Those blooming legwarmers. Two years ago, I asked Wonder-Mum what she wanted for Christmas and she asked for legwarmers. “No problem”, I … Continue reading

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Luxury Gloves – hurrah!

One of my July Resolutions was to finish knitting my Luxury Gloves, and when I took them to knitting at Hulu on Wednesday, I am extremely pleased to say that I finished them! I’m heading out to London this afternoon to … Continue reading

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When I was at a folk festival a couple of weeks ago, one of JS’ family friends saw me knitting his birthday socks and asked if I could make some Susocks – socks for his wife Sue! The criteria was … Continue reading

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FO – Cadence Socks for Wonder-Mum

I’m long overdue a blog-post about the Cadence Socks I knitted for Wonder-Mum! The last post about this was on her actual birthday – I promised a big reveal the next day, then life got in the way a bit, … Continue reading

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Download the Garter Stitch Head-Band pattern!

This year has been the year of learning to design knitting patterns. My first one was rather more complex than this one, which is really just a formula intended for people who want to learn to knit, but don’t want … Continue reading

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