Resolutions, London giveaway & general update

Today’s post is a round-up of resolutions, a giveaway and a general update following has been a VERY busy few weeks/months. I won’t bore you all with the full details (folk festivals/the Netherlands/moving house) but let’s just say that I am so pleased to be in my new flat, with lovely and gorgeous flatmates, and in my new job!

First day in my new job!
First day in my new job!


My August Resolutions, if you remember, were:

  1. Finish Digger
  2. Finish spinning purple roving
  3. Make significant progress on Kittylow

Well, I finished knitting Digger, but his eyes still haven’t arrived from Thailand. I did half of my purple roving, and surprise surprise, I finished Kittylow! (Photos to follow on Friday.)

So, I count August as a success, given the crazy amount of other stuff I was doing!

Heeeeere's Digger!

My September Resolutions (in brief, I’ll update with more info another time) are:

  1. Make Wonder-Bro’s birthday pressie
  2. Make a wedding pressie
  3. Finish the purple roving

As two of these are presents, I won’t be able to post too much details – but I have to get them done, so September will almost certainly have a 66% success rate!

Giveaway for London Yarnies

Have you heard of the Great London Yarn Crawl? It is on the 21st of September (a Saturday) and looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Unfortunately I booked my ticket without thinking about the dates…and it is actually the aforementioned wedding on that day, so I can’t go. Great London Yarn Crawl

I have double-checked, and I can change the name on my ticket – so anybody who fancies heading on over to the Great London Yarn Crawl is in with a chance of winning it! My ticket is for the Green Route, which is:

iKnit –> Sharpworks –> Village Haberdashery –> Knit with Attitude –> Mulberry Bush

There is an after-party at the end, as well as goody bags. I am absolutely gutted not to be able to make it, and I hope that whoever ends up with the ticket will enjoy it as much as I would have!!! Tickets are nearly sold out and official registration ends on the 7th of September, so you this will be one of your chances of getting a ticket following that!

To win just post a comment in this post stating your favourite yarn shop ever. The ticket is open to anyone – however, you will have to get yourself to London for the event, and I bear absolutely no responsibility for anything other than providing the ticket, so please don’t apply if you can’t make it.

The closing date is Saturday the 14th of September to give you a week to make arrangements – you will have until 23:59 on this date. You can get only one extra entry by sharing on social media and letting me know you have done so.

(And my favourite yarn shop ever? Hulu in Modbury, of course!)

That’s it from me, it’s way past my bedtime. Work is going well, but I have to get up very early and it’s already 11:30 pm here! I have so much more to tell you all and I might post again tomorrow.

Much love,

Corrie xx

I’m not getting anything for doing this giveaway – merely giving it away instead of selling it on! Please spread the news even if you cannot go, as it’s a fantastic opportunity and I would hate for the ticket to go unused. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

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7 Responses to Resolutions, London giveaway & general update

  1. Bridget says:

    Knit Nottingham is great

  2. madeline toomer says:

    I am still searching for my perfect yarn shop – although I did manage to spend a lot of time in Loop when I visited.

  3. madeline toomer says:

    It is very kind of you to be offering your ticket in the giveaway – can I ask you to take my name out of the draw please as I have hurt my back and don’t think that walking around London would be the best thing for it!
    Good luck to who ever gets drawn.

  4. Jillian Bulgan says:

    Well now I have actually had to think which is my favourite shop is a difficulty. Fabrications, I Knot London, Prick your finger, Loop (but a bit over priced for me), and Im still searching. Never knew this existed sounds like my ideal day please add me into the draw I already live in London and teach knitting at Fabrications on occassion.

  5. Angela says:

    My favourite is really hard to decide! I think on balance it would probably be Knit Cafe at Lavenham – the coffee and the yarn together just Ives it the edge

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