Review: House of Bartlett, St Ives

I’m here to do a review of the House of Bartlett, a yarn shop I went to in St Ives while on holiday in Cornwall last week. JS and I were with his family, enjoying the fresh Cornish air and pigging out on fudge. It’s a hard life!

Updated 5th January 2016: The House of Bartlett has changed location and I am investigating what has happened to it! It may be permanently closed – watch this space.

The Review

JS and I went to St Ives on Saturday last week, and I typed “yarn shop St Ives” into Google, not expecting anything to come up. I was extremely excited to find the House of Bartlett. I walked in and it was a huuuuge emporium of shiny, shiny yarn and other bits and pieces. I felt like I was in heaven!

Unfortunately, my card went missing while we were travelling to Cornwall and I was money-less. This was good, it certainly cut down on my spending, and it meant I didn’t buy any yarn…so I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop with no pennies for sweets. Ugh!

A kid in a sweetshop!
A kid in a sweetshop!

The range of yarns and colours was great. I would hate to give particular information about what Kay, the proprietor, has available (her website is here and she is on Ravelry here) – the only thing I would say is I was looking for particularly Cornish yarn. I didn’t see any – but I didn’t ask, and I also didn’t have much time so it’s probably just me being blind.

The shop had a lovely selection of Knit Pro needles, which I haven’t seen in a shop before. There were also plenty of pre-knitted items around, showing off the gorgeous yarns.

Kay was busy knitting, and proudly showed off the items she had made for the Ravellenic games when I struck up conversation with her. I loved the Purple Dragonfly Wings shawl she made. It was gorgeous!

The shop just moved to a new premises, and Kay is developing the website to do online sales. She is definitely one to watch.

The shopping centre the House of Bartlett is in.
The shopping centre the House of Bartlett is in.

I would definitely recommend going to the House of Bartlett if you go to St Ives. It was an unexpected jewel in my day, and I did buy some stitch-holders for the WIP that I haven’t written about! This would be a great place to get souvenir yarn from a Cornish holiday, or if you are a local in Cornwall, one of a great selection of fab shops available. Kay’s friendliness and chattiness made it my favourite of the yarn shops I visited.

Has anybody else been? I would be interested to have your thoughts!

Much love,

Corrie xx

I was not asked to write this review. All views are my own.

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