WIPW – Color Affection & Sideways

I have two WIPs that I’m actively working on at the moment – Color Affection and Sideways. They are both presents, and I’m desperate to get them done so I can move on with something else that I want to cast on (a wizard’s hat! Yeeeah).

Color Affection

Carrying on with the iMake KAL, I am now 95% done on the first two striped sections. It is getting tedious. I’ll be honest – I was really looking forward to this, but each row of garter stitch is now taking about fifteen minutes each. That feels like a really long time! I asked the Ravelry group for some advice and Martine told me to get to the third and last section. At this point, the rows get shorter and hence a lot faster.

I can’t wait.

Color Affection, nearly at the end of the second section!
Color Affection, nearly at the end of the second section!

I had decided I would finish the second row last night, and I was falling asleep in my chair as I knitted. I eventually stopped five rows before the end of the section because my hand started hurting and I’m really scared of getting RSI. I think it was the right thing to do.

I love this pattern, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I would ever do it in laceweight again, given the option. Also, I think this is the last shawl I’m going to do for a while as I’d like to move on to something else.


I’m making these for TJB as I have explained a number of times. Here is the progress shot. I’ll be finished these by the end of today, so I’ll have an FO Friday!

Sideways is nearly there! A lovely quick pattern.
Sideways is nearly there! A lovely quick pattern.

In other news, Super-Granny sent me a gift from South Africa after my dad went out to see them. Her name is Skinny Liz and I absolutely adore her. The first thing I did (as you always do with dolls) was undress her – I was thrilled to find out that her clothes are totally removable. This is great news, I’m going to practice some sewing – and definitely make her a sweater.

Skinny Liz posing by Burgh Island.
Skinny Liz posing by Burgh Island.

I haven’t had a new doll since I was about…eight. I never imagined I would get one in my early twenties, nor that I would fall in love with it. Super-Granny has done it again!

Don’t you love Skinny Liz? Look at that shy little smile.

Skinny Liz's gorgeous face.
Skinny Liz’s gorgeous face.

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WIP Wednesday’s with Tami’s Amis

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. Emily says:

    Your stripe study looks stunning! Keep on plugging, it’ll be so worth it!

  2. Regula says:

    Skinny Liz is lovely! :-)

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