And so the BDCH KAL begins!

Following yesterday’s apologetic post regarding not having got myself in order, I can announce that the baby-hat is now finished, and, the BDCH KAL has started!

Do you want to know the mega-exciting news? From Twitter, this literally made my weekend.

Twitter news!

I ran down the stairs immediately to finalise my yarn choice (and got told to shhhh by JS as I tried to tell him my success and excitement…he clearly doesn’t appreciate the importance of this, haha). So, I’ve chosen and cast on! Unfortunately, I have some extra work to do this weekend, so that’s as far as it goes for now, sigh.

The Yarn

I’ve chosen acrylic double knitting yarn – mainly because I don’t want to use my nice, soft, expensive yarn on animals which will appreciate the acrylic as much as they would anything else! Each of my acrylic balls of yarn was bought for a specific purpose though, so I’ll tell you a bit about why each one is special, and may I will feel a bit less heartless!


Yellow Yarn – bought to make the Penguin Archie for JS last summer.


Orange Yarn – bought because I found orange yarn and had never seen any before! I had to have it…


Pink Yarn – bought to add to the hexipuff quilt, but didn’t match the colours of the rest of them.


Red Yarn – bought for jubilee celebration head-band.


Blue Yarn – the first yarn I ever knitted with.

Ginger Bread Bunny

@gingerbreadbun can obviously be found at Twitter, but she has an awesome blog here as well, and I am so, so, so grateful to her for the support! It’s definitely never too late to join something like this, so even if we finish and move on please feel free to post on Ravelry and join the Plutonium Muffins group.

Much love from an excited me,

Corrie xx

Black for a crochet border

All the yarn in a pile.

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