Christmas 2011 — the last!

Horsing around after Christmas (Copyright John S)
In my last post I had to cut off early because I had to go to dinner. I just thought I would quickly add the last of it, for the sake of completeness — and the last of the Christmas 2011 posts!

So after the day, I’ve had some orders for the hand-warmers and gloves from various friends and family. Will it never end!? Wonder-Mum and Wonder-Gran appear to be happy, and wear them all the time. Hurrah!

TJB's Kindle Cover (Copyright Corrie B) On Boxing Day, I spoke to TJB (of previous Plutonium Muffins fame) and he told me he’d been given a Kindle. This was rather thrilling, as I had been stuck for what to make for him, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. So, for the next day I furiously knitted away in absolutely gorgeous blue yarn, and bought some lovely buttons, and produced a cover for it. I gave it to him when we went to see Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and he seemed pleased enough.

JS after a visit home (Copyright Corrie B) I went back to London for New Year, and started on some cross-stitch…which has expanded into a huge cross-stitch project which has kept me occupied for the best of this week, when I returned to Devon. I’m going back to London tonight, and will get going on some knitting again.

My knitting resolution this year* is to knit something for myself for the first time. What’s yours?

Much love,

Corrie xx

Find this on Ravelry Plutonium Muffins TJB’s Kindle Cover on Ravelry

Evil ball of green yarn (Copyright Corrie B) * Last year my resolution was ‘do not buy any more yarn until the stash is used up’. I lasted until the last weekend of November, when in a moment of forgetfulness, I bought a single green ball for 79 pence. Damn!

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