A VERY Happy Christmas

I think the last few weeks has been the longest I’ve gone in absolutely ages without updating a blog of some description at all. Very, very Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope your Christmases were all you wished for, and more! I have had an absolutely amazing holiday this year…I’ll start from the beginning!

Tavistock -- Piles of Yarn! (Copyright Corrie B)

Edible soap in Tavistock! (Copyright Corrie B) I’ve been in Devon for a couple of weeks, visiting my parents. I’ve been all over the place — mainly to craft shops, for example in Tavistock, to ‘wow’ over buttons, piles of yarn, embroidery fabrics and, edible soaps!

The last few days before Christmas saw me frantically knitting well into the night — Christmas Eve found me in bed at 3 am (so really, it was already Christmas Day…Santa Wonder-Gran's heart motif on gloves (Copyright Corrie B) had well and truly come and gone) just starting the last thing, a handwarmer for Wonder-Mum. My last-minute items were the hand-warmers, as well as a pin cushion for Super-Granny. These were both unplanned – Wonder-Mum was supposed to be getting leg-warmers, but I ran out of yarn well before Christmas and just didn’t get a chance to finish them. Super-Granny got a set of carpet-makers, but I decided to make something as well, as she is very crafty and would appreciate it, I thought.

Super-Granny's Pin Cushion (Copyright Corrie B) The day itself was amazing. I got the best books, including “100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet” by Lesley Stanfield, “Homemade Gifts Vintage Style” by Sarah Moore, and “Simply Wonderwoman” by Joanna Gosling. These have all revolutionised my life, and I recommend you go and get them now! (Especially as Amazon has a massive sale on at the moment!!) My dad made roast beef, and I did the brussel sprouts using a Hand-Warmers for Wonder-Mum (Copyright Corrie B) Morrisons recipe (basically, just roast them with a handful of pecan nuts, and drizzle over with honey).

We played a lot of Canasta, and spent ages going over the rules and messing around. I also got some rather ambitious plans in place about cross-stitching…watch this space!

Modelling her gloves on Christmas Day (Copyright Corrie B) I think that’s where I will leave it for now — I have lots more to share about the hols and no time, as it is nearly dinner-time! Until next time.

Much love,

Corrie xx

Wonder-Mum’s handwarmers on Ravelry

Super-Granny’s pin-cushion on Ravelry
Wonder-Gran’s gloves on Ravelry

Plutonium Muffin bead on the handwarmer (Copyright Corrie B) All the pressies for friends and family, with hand-made tags this year! (Copyright Corrie B)

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  1. pip says:

    Happy New Year! Looks like a happy glove recipient :-)

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