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Handmade Christmas Stocking

A few weeks ago the team at Turtle Mat asked if I’d like to take part in a Christmas Stocking challenge. They’ve done blogger craft campaigns for a couple of years, and I was keen to get involved. A few days … Continue reading

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Slouchy Hats

I got asked to do lots of commissions for Christmas this year, and one of the most popular was slouchy hats! The first one of these that I knitted was a while ago, and I did it for myself – … Continue reading

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First Ever Christmas Ornaments

I made two Christmas Ornaments for Baby Cara and Baby Oliver this year – you would be forgiven for thinking I only crafted for these two babies, as all of my posts about Christmas so far have been about them! … Continue reading

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A Christmas Wooby for Oliver

I’m going to drip-feed you with my Christmas presents from this year, starting with a wooby that I knitted for Baby Oliver! I’m sure this guy will get a fun and entertaining name from the parents before long, but for … Continue reading

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A Baby Hat — Shamrocks and Seagulls

I’ve finished a baby hat project that churned out three FOs, each a version of the same hat designed for a Small Person. This all started out when I messaged one of my oldest friends for a catch-up. In the … Continue reading

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Resolutions for November 2015

It has been a really long time since I wrote about monthly resolutions – I have been doing them quietly in the background, but not that successfully! Anyway, I’m going to write my next blog about it in the hopes … Continue reading

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[Giveaway] Happy Christmas to you! CLOSED

Merry Christmas! I’m super excited to be back to blogging – my holiday from it was a breath of fresh air, and I return with a Christmas gift for you all! I had a super Christmas, with gifts a downplayed … Continue reading

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See you next year!

After a few days of wanting to podcast and blog, I’ve made a decision. There are so many things going on at the moment, and I need to give myself time to deal with them. It’s making me wish I had … Continue reading

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A completed slipper!

I finished a slipper today! I have just logged into the blog to talk about it and noticed that none of my scheduled posts have worked. Argh! I’ve been so busy the last few days that I just haven’t logged into … Continue reading

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Space Invader Mitts!

I thought that I ought to write up a blog about the Space Invader Mitts, as I have not mentioned them once, and they are probably the project I liked the most last year! I made these for JS, as … Continue reading

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