Happy July! Resolutions and recap.

Once again, it is the start of a new month, so the start of new resolutions. As I only had one resolution in June, I didn’t do a recap in the middle of it. This is partly because I totally missed the middle of June and only realised how far along the month had gone on about the 28th!

July is my birthday month and I’m feeling the love this morning. I’m going to get a haircut today, and am playing my violin all day. What could be better?

June Resolution recap

My singular resolution in June was:

Knit something I love

With the completion of the Fairisle Mittens, I accomplished this goal. I was extremely pleased with them, and am so happy that they are finally finished. I hadn’t intended them to be the fulfilment of this resolution, but I was shocked at how much I love them! Gorgeous fairisle mittens, love them.

The Susocks would also qualify. They knitted up so quickly and were gorgeous. Birds Eye View of the Susocks, showing off the gradients nicely.

July Resolutions

I have three resolutions this month.

  1. Finish my Luxury Gloves
  2. Finish a blanket
  3. Exercise and get back to size 8!

The luxury gloves are a pair I started in 2009! I will get them done today – they’re pinned to my door so I see them everytime I walk past and get a massive surge of guilt. They will be done.

One luxury glove, to be joined by another!
One luxury glove, to be joined by another!

The blanket is a baby blanket for some friends, who are expecting in August. I want to get it done by the end of July so I can go visit them and give it to them in case he is born early! I can’t wait, it’s the first gift I’ve done for one of my friends with respect to babies, and I am in love with the pattern I’m making. (Come back on Wednesday for more info!)

Finally, I was size 8 when I was cycling to and from work everyday in London…I stopped cycling a year ago, and needless to say I am now substantially unfit and do not fit into some of my favourite clothes! I will beat the flab.

That’s all from me. If you have any resolutions or want to start making monthly resolutions, we have a friendly, motivational group on Ravelry – come join us! Looking forward to seeing you…

Much love,

Corrie xx

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