Head-band and a lost book!

It’s WIP Wednesday and I cast on a new project today, nearly finished it, and realised I’ve lost a knitting book! The new project is a head-band, a test piece for some kits I’m putting on the stall at the fair on Saturday, in collaboration with Hulu.

Incidentally, I’ve just come back from Knit and Natter at Hulu tonight. I think it’s my favourite time of the week, or rather, fortnight. The ladies are all incredible, and the proprietor of the shop is fantastic. She’s getting married in two weeks time, so no knitting for us until the 16th of June!! I don’t know how I’ll manage…but I do hope she has a fab time.


The head-band I’ve been knitting is a fully garter stitch project, knitted in double knitting yarn on 4.5 mm needles. I got the idea off some forum posts, so I can’t exactly call it ‘my pattern’ – but I am doing it off the top of my head and will be sticking it into knitting kits, so I’ll publish the pattern on Ravelry for you as well!

Head-band! It's nowhere near as dark as this in real life.
Head-band! It’s nowhere near as dark as this in real life.

I’ve nearly finished it – you knit it to fit your head, and mine is 22″ – the knitting is stretched to make the garter stitch look a bit fancier, so I reckon I have another half inch to go before the knitting will stretch to 22″. Two hours for a near-complete project isn’t too bad – especially as I found it particularly hard to concentrate today!

Lost Book

I’ve lost my copy of “Knitted Cats and Kittens“! I’m sure I haven’t actually lost it – and I’m pretty certain that it’s in a box in the middle of my parents house waiting for me to unpack after the move. I need it for a reason that will benefit all of you, my lovely Plutonium Muffins readers. So, if I’ve lent it to any of you and forgotten about it, I would *really* appreciate it if you could let me know!

Having said that, I’ve just remembered a box I didn’t check this afternoon and I might run down to the house and check it again once I’ve published this!

Knitted Cats & Kittens
Knitted Cats & Kittens

Things are rather manic on a crafting front, and I’ve just taken on four (!!!!!) jobs, so Plutonium Muffins is going to get a bit quieter. I think that’s OK – quality, not quantity, right? My new website will be launched on Saturday, I’ll post the link here when I do.

Much love,

Corrie xx

WIP Wednesday's with Tami's Amis

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4 Responses to Head-band and a lost book!

  1. mary says:

    I love that book..I’ve never actually made anything out of it…but a cat is on my to do list..How are you going to finish the headband..button? tie? Be sure to post a pic on friday for the f/o…

  2. The headband looks cool, I think I’ve done something similar in the past. Its amazing how fancy garter stitch can look when stretched out. I hope you find your book!

  3. Hope you found the book :) Good luck with the new website!

  4. Joanna says:

    I hope you found the book, those knitted cats look so cute!

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