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Hope Socks

I’ve finished a pair of socks! I had such high hopes for these…I started them in April and was determined that they would be finished by the end of May…and then the end of June…and then they flew 30,000 miles with … Continue reading

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Friday Round-Up: hapalong, multiple crafts, cats

Time for a Friday update, and I’ll be honest, I’m scraping the barrel a little this week, although I have been playing with a lot of different crafts. We leave for Australia in just over a week (!!) and I … Continue reading

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Work, knit, sleep, repeat…and Resolutions

My life for the last few days has consisted of a rhythm of work, knit, sleep; work, knit, sleep. I have been working flat out to complete my September Resolutions – not necessarily because they are resolutions, but because the … Continue reading

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Head-band and a lost book!

It’s WIP Wednesday and I cast on a new project today, nearly finished it, and realised I’ve lost a knitting book! The new project is a head-band, a test piece for some kits I’m putting on the stall at the … Continue reading

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[Blogjacking] – Sewing bunting and a dress for a wedding

I haven’t been able to blog for a couple of days because…well, my brain won’t let me. I can’t even knit at the moment. I’ve been sewing, as I’m finding it slightly easier to concentrate on. So, here is a … Continue reading

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Friday Inspirations – iMake Podcast

I’m having some trouble with finding inspiring videos today — I’m not well and am feeling totally uninspired, even though I’m sure some of the stuff I have in my queue and that I’ve found anew would be good on … Continue reading

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