January knit-for-yourself-along!

January approaches quickly – John and I have planned our New Years Eve out with a friend, and the first, which will be our third anniversary, will almost certainly involve champagne of some description. The second will consist of ice skating and cinema, then my Wonder-Gran arrives for a four day visit. I am very excited and thrilled that 2015 is off to such a great start.

Over at Resolutions Monthly, we’ve been looking forward to this month for…well, months. We decided we were going to do a January knit along in which we focused on knitting something for ourselves; particularly after Christmas knitting and the exhaustion that brings.

January KAL

Although we are calling this the January knit along, it’s actually a make along – crochet, sewing, and craft, in which the hours you have been putting into crafting for other people, are switched to focus solely on you for this month.

The knitalong was suggested by Linda, the winner of the last Resolutions KAL; she is sponsoring the event, and has offered to donate a pattern up to the value of $8 to a participant in the KAL. The thread is over here and I am going to be using the tag #KFYAL15 over on social media and so forth – get involved if you fancy it!

This should be a relaxing knit along. The main point being that knitters remember that they can make things for themselves too! – LakeLinda

I’ve been pattern-searching for months and trying to decide what I am going to make. The KAL will last for January, and I have been considering Naloa, a KAL by the lovely Renee of East London Knit. I was gifted the pattern by kelv, so that’s ready – it’s even printed. I also have the yarn, which I got from Linda over at Kettle Yarn Co – two skeins will go into the project, the BEYUL base in Electric Aramanth, and the WESTMINSTER base in Islington. Ready to go…right?

Naloa in full glory. Mine will be grey with hints of purple, and electric pink!
Naloa in full glory. Mine will be grey with hints of purple, and electric pink!

However, I’m not entirely sure. A month seems to be a short time for a shawl, especially considering everything I will be doing in January from grandmotherly visits to helping my parents move home. I cast on Monkey by Cookie A months ago and have never proceeded beyond the cuff. I have been considering focusing on this for January instead. At the same time, I really want a new shawl…

In the meantime, I’ve been admiring the projects my co-KALers are plotting. Click each photo to go to the Ravelry project page!

New Wave Skirt - vlinderrr
New Wave Skirt – vlinderrr
Orchid Cowl - psmknits
Orchid Cowl – psmknits
Rosalina - PixieishBlonde
Rosalina – PixieishBlonde
Girly Nerd Checker Vest - tsaria
Girly Nerd Checker Vest – tsaria
Moraine - Tabby15
Moraine – Tabby15
Ribbed Shrug - CSturgeon
Ribbed Shrug – CSturgeon
Bicolour Spiral Hat
Bicolour Spiral Hat – kelv

Plenty of fantastic variety in there, right? I can’t wait to see the finished projects! I’ll let you know how everyone gets on next month.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. Regula says:

    I hope you will find lots of time to knit for yourself! Whatever you are going to do. Happy New Year! Regula

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