March 2015 Resolutions

How is it the 1st of March already?! I’m sure I say that every month…time sure does seem to be flying these days, and I don’t like it!

February was a month of success for me. One of the best months I’ve had with my knitting for a very long time, in fact. Here’s the recap for you.

February 2015

I was accomplished! Here’s the list.

  1. Finish crocheting my sheep – hmm no, he’s still in my WIP basket, feeling neglected. Must pick him up again.
  2. Finish Monkey (oops, was supposed to do this last month) – yes, and they are gorgeous! I have an FO post queued, it was supposed to self-publish while I was away at Halsway Manor. Oops! I’ll publish it tomorrow.
  3. Knit a cowl from handspun – yes! The Dragon Cowl is gorgeous and smooshy and has barely left my neck since I finished it.
  4. Cast on a big project – And finished it! A fox scarf with 348 rows of plain stockinette in it. Photos and more details to come soon.
  5. Complete Week 8 of half-marathon training – yes, hurrah. You can sponsor me to do the Great North Run here. The challenge is in September, so I’ve got tons of time.

    The Dragon Cowl, started and finished in March.
    The Dragon Cowl, started and finished in March.

With that in mind, I’m going to try be as ambitious for March as I was for February.

March 2015 Resolutions

I’m scaling back on the amount of time I have to knit this month. This means I will almost certainly get more knitting done. As I start to feel better and take on more things, I am giving myself the rule that I am not allowed to do knitting for pleasure until the evening. It has worked for the last days of February – so I’m setting up March with that in mind.

  1. Spin for ten minutes a day – lots of new fibre to play with!
  2. Follow my new schedule every week day – I’ve set up a ‘school’ timetable that I hope will allow me to structure my days a bit better.
  3. Playing with my new knitting machine every week – I persuaded John to get me a new knitting machine as my old one was broken a year ago, and I haven’t been able to explore that side of the craft for a while. The new one is a Brother KH-710, and I love it.
  4. Knit my next pair of socks – I cast them on in hand-dyed yarn I was sent by SugarAngel from the Resolutions Monthly Secret Santa in December.
  5. Work on Naloa – I’ve wound the yarn, found a project bag, got the needles together…just need to sit down and make a start.

My running is going well – I will be up to 6 miles per run by the end of March, and you can see my progress and updates on my Instagram feed.

What are you hoping to achieve this month?

Much love,

Corrie xx

Lots of new fibre to spin this month.
Lots of new fibre to spin this month.
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  1. Beth says:

    I love Naloa!

  2. I hope that your resolutions work well for you in March! xx

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