Resolutions Update – December

I think it’s high time for a resolutions update, because there are 8 days left (hurrrrah) and I need to keep on top of what I’m doing.

SO, here goes…

December Resolutions – update

I think this has been one of my most successful months that I’ve ever managed, so far. The fitness milestones fell down a little bit, but that is fine!

  1. Get the rest of the Christmas presents done – finished! Hurrah.
  2. Go to next three yoga sessions – I think I made it to one, last week I was babysitting, and tomorrow I should make it again!
  3. Write up head-band pattern (in the gap after Crimbo!) – haven’t done this yet, but will be surprised if I don’t manage it.
  4. Go running three times a week – mostly, have a slight twisted ankle at the moment so it’s been a few days…but doing well.

Talking about getting Christmas presents done, I have knitted something crazy like eight hats in the last twelve days. No, don’t ask me – I don’t know how? Gotta love commuting…

Now, because I can’t post photos of my FOs at the moment, here are a few things that have happened in our lives recently, in case you are interested!

JS and I went to a big party on Saturday night to celebrate Christmas with our friends. I bought a ‘bad taste’ Christmas jumper for him, which looked awful on the rail in the shop…but the minute he put it on I decided I like JS in fairisle, and I will be buying him more knitted jumpers. (Why won’t I be knitting them? Haven’t you heard of the Boyfriend Sweater Curse?)

Boyfriend in Fairisle.
Boyfriend in Fairisle.

We are also looking after Tommy the Dog at the moment, and he has been thoroughly spoiled by me as I am so thrilled to have a doggy little friend to keep me company through the lonely evening hours when everyone else is still at work. Here he is chewing a toothbrush bone!

Tommy and his bone.
Tommy and his bone.

I’ve been talking to lots of people about their Christmas traditions recently – what are yours?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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