The Berry Girls prepare for Christmas

Wonder-Mum, Super-Granny (not to be confused with the aforementioned Wonder-Gran) and I — the three Berry girls — spent today preparing for Christmas! Dad took some photos.

(1) Wonder-Mum grinding some nuts for a (very) late Christmas Cake.

Mum grinding nuts for Christmas Cake (Copyright Corrie B)

(2) Super-Granny finishing off some embroidery on a waistcoat for Wonder-Gran.

Super-Granny doing some embroidery (Copyright Corrie B)

(3) Me, putting together the project page for the present for Wonder-Gran, the heart pattern of which I designed on my iPad.

Designing the project page for Wonder-Gran's Christmas Pressie (Copyright Corrie B) Heart-pattern for Wonder-Gran's Pres (Copyright Corrie B)

We are busily getting ready for the family to descend on us on Christmas Day. I was a bit cocky about my knitting the other week, when I declared it was all going to be ready for the day! I think I was wrong — watch this space.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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