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Craftisan – John’s favourite ever craft shop

When we moved to Bristol I posted a long post about moving, and promised I would tell you all about Craftisan, our local craft shop. It’s taken me so long to do so that I’ve been able to go back and … Continue reading

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The mother of all WIPs – craft room time!

The mother of all WIPs is life in Bristol, which as you can imagine, has been busy! With this post I am kick-starting Plutonium Muffins into action ready for Christmas crafting and beyond. I’ve now been at my job for … Continue reading

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August 2016 Resolutions – this won’t be a monthly thing!

It can’t possibly be mid-August already! How the heck did that happen?? I couldn’t believe it when I checked the last time I had blogged, and saw it was the 7th of July. The month has been so busy. It’s … Continue reading

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I’ve moved to…Bristol!

It’s time for the next Plutonium Muffins update…we’ve moved to Bristol! I started a new job on the 10th of June, and while it’s going well so far, I am absolutely shattered! It’s been a while since I’ve worked full … Continue reading

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Spin all the things!

I have taken the time while I’ve been on knit-rest to do some sorting out, and am now starting to spin all the things! I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube videos rather than blog posts recently has been because even … Continue reading

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