The Temple and a Rainbow

I’m very excited about the two new projects that I have on the needles and wheel – my Solomon’s Temple socks, and my rainbow fibre. I’ve talked about them on Episode 5 of the podcast – check it out here! Here follow the latest pictures for you!

Solomon’s Temple

When John and I went to Buxton in August, we visited Sew In. While here, I looked for yarn that would be a lovely symbol of our trip, and I found some West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply. A self-striping yarn, it has two shades of green and three brownish, reddish, earthy tones. There is also a stripe that separates each colour which has light and dark grey speckles in it.

This all serves as a reminder of a very cold and wet journey up a hill – nay, a mountain in Buxton as we headed to explore Solomon’s Temple, a fortified hill marker with views of the Peak District. Halfway up the mountain, a giant thunderstorm started. I was stubborn. I refused to go back down. We got to the top and took the obligatory ‘on top of a hill in a thunderstorm near a stone tower’ selfie, before pretty much running down to a cafe with hot chocolate and a warm place to change out of our wet clothes!

I absolutely adore the colours, although I was a bit unsure about exactly how it would knit up. I bit the bullet and chose my pattern from a book I got for my birthday.  I am more than thrilled with how the yarn is turning out, and I cannot wait to wear them! It is wonderful and soft, and the self-striping is just brilliant.

John and Corrie rocking out near Solomon's Temple.
John and Corrie rocking out near Solomon’s Temple.
Solomon's Temple, ready to go.
Solomon’s Temple, ready to go.
The West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply yarn.
The West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply yarn.

Rainbow Sparkles

My newest spinning project is some nylon yarn that is coloured like a rainbow! It is incredibly sparkly, soft, and is spinning up nicely! It drafts smoothly and the only downside is that I get covered in sparkles while I’m spinning. Is this really a downside, though?!

My plan is to spin some rainbow coloured solid tops into a gradient single, then ply that with the sparkly single. What will it become? No idea! We’ll see what yardage I get. I’ll have to do a careful swatch to see how it all knits and washes up before I do anything with it.

A rainbow single.
A rainbow single.
A Sparkly Unicorn Tail on the wheel!
A Sparkly Unicorn Tail on the wheel!
Rainbow fibre waiting to be spun.
Rainbow fibre waiting to be spun.

I’m heading out to the Handweavers Studio in a moment to ooh and ahh over their equipment. I’m hoping to pick up more bobbins so I can do more than one project at a time! I’ve been coveting an Ashford Joy they have for sale – but it’s not in budget at the moment, unfortunately.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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  1. My OH picked the same WYS colourway for some socks for him! I’ve not cast on yet (he keeps reminding me) but I’m loving how yours are turning out.

  2. Evelyn says:

    oo that rainbow fiber is spinning up beautifully!

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