The BDCH KAL as of yesterday

I took this photo yesterday, with my progress on the BDCH blanket. I have managed to knit a couple more blue squares, but no real progress, compared to @gingerbreadbun, who is finished all the knitting! How amazing is that?!

Blanket half-done (Copyright Corrie B)
Blanket half-done (Copyright Corrie B)

The reason for slow progress is that I decided to have a clear-out of my knitting WIP basket last night. The reason for this is a bit odd. None of the “what do I have at the bottom of the pile?” or “I wonder if this is where my keys have fallen to*” excuses.

The bottom of the Knitting WIP Basket (Copyright Corrie B)
The bottom of the Knitting WIP Basket (Copyright Corrie B)

No, the rabbit had decided that it would be the ideal bed for him while he was moulting. In the course of the clearing, I discovered enough discarded rabbit fur to spin a skein of yarn, enough hay to feed the guinea pig for a month, and the remnants of a bag of rabbit food that had gone missing. Worse than that, he chewed up a mitten that I’ve been working on for a very, very long time. Not happy.

This has lead me to wondering. What is the strangest thing that has happened to your knitting?

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PS I’m trying out some new iPhone apps which integrate with Ravelry, which is where these photos come from. Do we prefer them to the normal style, or do you prefer the others? Or, no preference?

* I lost my keys a month ago. On the set was the safe-key, with JS‘ passport in it. He is going to India, and needed his passport. After searching each and every one of my coats, trousers, bags, boxes, baskets, yarn stashes, secret fabric stashes, the kitchen drawers, behind every sofa, under the bed, in all the shoes…he found it in the keys in one of his hoodies. Lesson learned.

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