Time to Spin!

It’s been a while — I’ve just moved house and am now commuting four hours a day, as well as trying to organise all of our (huge amount) of stuff. Eek. I’m so sorry for not having written for a while. I am a bad, bad Corrie.

Now, on to the main topic of the blog.

JS and I went to the Mudchute City Farm the other week, after finding out the news about Digger. He wanted me to get totally distracted, and it totally worked! I had a fabulous time, and saw plenty of animals!

While we were there, I noticed a huuuuge pile of fleeces that had been recently shorn and put into a store-room. I decided to email them and see if they were willing to part with them. After a number of long email discussions and some research on my part, I have been shipped two fleeces of Oxford Down shearling sheep.

I am incredibly excited. I have never spun before, but I’ve looked up how to make myself a drop spindle, how to wash the yarn and where to go from there. It may take me a while to get anywhere — but I’ve got the time and I’m really looking forward to it!

An Oxford Downs lamb at the farm <3
An Oxford Downs lamb at the farm <3

I’ve written myself a procedure for what to do once I’ve got the fleeces — I will post it soon and get some thoughts on it from more experienced spinners, then follow-up with a revised set once I’ve actually tried them out! I’m not going to have time to do it for a while, with the move, but I’m getting very excited…

Does anybody have any hints for me before I finalise my procedure doc?

Much love,

Corrie xx

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