A weekend of Granny Squares

I went home to Devon this weekend and spent the time in a very pleasant manner, working on my projects, drawing, visiting my grandmothers, eating good food and drinking too much good Devon ale. It was lovely being home – especially as I got the train to and from the county, giving me lots of crafting time!

I did manage to find some GORGEOUS green yarn which is perfect for my joins – remember this photo for the colours?

Gorgeous green and purples.
Gorgeous green and purples.

Granny Squares Progress

I have made tonnes of progress with my granny squares, with the first 24 complete and nearly crocheted together. The joining process took a lot of research on my part, and was a bit mind-boggling as I discovered there are about a hundred different ways to join them.

Laying out my Granny Squares while finishing the last two off.
Laying out my Granny Squares while finishing the last two off.

I went for the granny join, using this tutorial to choose. There were a number of reasons for choosing this one – first and foremost, I am concerned that the blanket will not be big enough and I wanted a join that will give me as much of an increase in space as possible!

Other factors leading to this decision – I liked the idea of making the join ‘part’ of the squares rather than A Border, the tutorial was fairly easy to follow considering I was on a train and had limited space and only my phone to read for the instructions – and it meant I didn’t have to learn any fancy new crochet techniques!

The first two rows joined with my perfect green!
The first two rows joined with my perfect green!

The blanket is working up quickly and I am pleased with it so far. I love the colours, and I am so happy I didn’t shy away from doing a radically different colour border as I absolutely adore the way it looks.

Other Weekend Antics

Wonder-Mum and I spent a while at home drawing and watching the Grand National on Saturday. I was feeling a bit distracted, and alternated between crocheting my granny squares and drawing – resulting in a drawing I’m not extremely happy with, but not totally unhappy either.

Wonder-Mum drawing with my pile of Granny Squares in front of her.
Wonder-Mum drawing with my pile of Granny Squares in front of her.
My finished drawing.
My finished drawing.

It was a wonderful way to spend the weekend, and I’m INTO drawing again. It’s been a while!

In other news – did you watch the Great British Sewing Bee Finale last night? What do you think? I was rooting for someone else, but I think the winner deserved her success too. Congratulations to all of them!

Much love,

Corrie xx

Another photo of purple and green flowers...can you tell I'm inspired?!
Another photo of purple and green flowers…can you tell I’m inspired?!
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11 Responses to A weekend of Granny Squares

  1. I think the green works perfectly with your granny squares. Reminds me of flowers in a garden lol

  2. Alicia says:

    That green is perfect with those purples!

  3. Mim says:

    I must admit I was rooting for Chinelo, but I loved the Sewing Bee final anyway.

    Your granny squares really do convey the essence of the flowers!

  4. It sounds like a lovely weekend.

    The blanket is coming along nicely, and I like your drawing too. :-)

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    The green is perfect and the blanket is coming on a treat. We are going to Devon next week to visit my wonder-mum – can’t wait!

  6. Ginny says:

    I love the green you have used for your joining colour. I would never have thought of that and it looks so lovely and fresh.

  7. wonderwhygal says:

    I love the colors of the blanket. Your granny squares are beautiful.

  8. Corrie, your granny squares are coming along beautifully! I love the color combination. What a lovely weekend you had; I smiled while reading about it. Keep up the beautiful grannying! Thank you for sharing this in the link-a-long on the Go Crochet Crazy blog!

  9. Rain says:

    Hey there!
    Came across your link @ the Go Crochet Crazy Link-a-long =)
    I love the colors you’re using- I’m an intense purple-fanatic!
    [and I just did all of that joining research too- spent AGES trying to decide which to use. I wanted to use the granny join- but, with saltine size squares, It wound up not being my best option, so i landed on the invisible join.]

  10. Corrie, congratulations! Your “Weekend of Grannies” post was the most clicked on at my link party last week! You’re being featured on this week’s post. Stop by and grab your “I’ve Been Featured” badge to add to your blog. Hope to see you again at his week’s link-a-long at http://www.GoCrochetCrazy.blogspot.com !

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