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There’s something in the water

If I were to say to you that there’s something in the water, what would you think? This year has seen a mega baby boom at my work! There are several great things about this and one sad one. I’ll … Continue reading

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Some Resolutions Accomplishments

I’m pootling along with my two-at-a-time socks and Garland, so I didn’t want to post anything yesterday as there’s not much progress for an update…instead, I decided to show you all some of the progress the people in Resolutions Monthly … Continue reading

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Granny Squares Galore are finished!

I am incredibly proud to present “Granny Squares Galore” to you all! This was a project I crocheted out of super-wash merino baby yarn for my colleague, who will be going on maternity leave while I am in South Africa. … Continue reading

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A weekend of Granny Squares

I went home to Devon this weekend and spent the time in a very pleasant manner, working on my projects, drawing, visiting my grandmothers, eating good food and drinking too much good Devon ale. It was lovely being home – … Continue reading

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Baby Blanket is finished!

I promised I would write an FO Friday post yesterday, and intended to feature the Baby Blanket. Unfortunately for those grand plans, I ended up staying in the Netherlands for an extra day, so couldn’t do anything except eat waffles, … Continue reading

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Baby Blanket progress.

It is time for an update on the baby blanket, and I hope you will all be impressed at the progress I’ve made over the past two weeks! I’ve even been kind and taken comparison photographs, so you can see exactly … Continue reading

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Baby Blanket and a haircut.

I mentioned last week that I was planning to show you a baby blanket I am making! Well, I’ve done really well with it, but I missed WIP Wednesday because I was having my hair done. I’ll show you the … Continue reading

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