Desk Organisation, my way

I was inspired to do some desk organisation today, by a post that I found on Pinterest. It can be found here! Those who know me in RL will know that I have a LOT of stuff, and I am very messy.

Desk organisation has become a must for me. Having moved from Kent to Devon in my itty bitty little car, I had to cut down on things. When I arrived in Devon, I realised there was even more stuff I didn’t need. The subject of de-cluttering is one I will address in more detail later, so for now, here is how my desk was cut down from A Complete State.

The final desk organisation by me'd desk!

Desk Organisation

I woke up at 5.30 am this morning, so inspired by the article I’d read last night that I could not sleep any more. I picked up a book on my desk and I was horrified to discover it came away covered in dust. The house is still being renovated, but I never thought my room would be affected by it. I immediately wanted to start hoovering, but realising the family wouldn’t thank me for that, I rearranged my room instead, so I could actually clean.

I hadn’t used the desk for about…oh, well, since we moved in to the house again. It had become a dumping ground and desk organisation was a Must. I simply threw out about three quarters of stuff. An entire bin-bag of magazines I would make collages out of ‘one day’ went in the recycling. A particularly foul desk tidy I’ve had since I was twelve was finally donated to the charity shop – I realised I was only keeping it because I’d had it for so long. Three film cameras and one digital camera – all broken – went in the bin.

All of my drawers were lined with pretty wrapping paper (you see only two samples because I forgot to take photos of the other two) and I allowed myself one photo of me and JS, one plant pot, one stationery pot, some beads and a pretty glass-topped box.

Pink dotty lining paper. Blue and green flowery lining paper.

I allowed myself two lamps – one a vintage desk lamp, the other the lamp I’ve had since I was 12. I haven’t allowed myself to throw that one out yet, but I sense its days are numbered; or it may require a new cover. Finally, I have one laptop and one (new vintage!!) typewriter on the desk.

The minute I stopped tidying and deemed the set-up complete, I wanted to sit down and work at it, so I consider this a success. It will almost certainly progress – there are things like plastic cups that I need for mixing glue that will probably be culled in the coming weeks. The whole process has been terrifically cathartic, and I’m feeling much happier in myself that whenever I sit down to work, I’ll actually be able to concentrate on it.

All of the things that I love - beads, stationery, my boy and pretty boxes.

I did have a WIP to show you, but I felt this post was more important as the WIP was only cast on yesterday and is currently simply a few rows of indiscriminate white stitches. Next week!

Anybody else in desperate need of desk organisation?

Much love,

Corrie xx

WIP Wednesday's with Tami's Amis

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2 Responses to Desk Organisation, my way

  1. My Cwtch is small (the smallest room in the house, except for the downstairs loo) and so I have to keep orgainsed and it needs sorting almost daily, or at least every second day. One day I will have a bigger room…. but probably not until the kids no longer need a playroom, so at least a decade!!!!

  2. kathleen says:

    Don’t worry–keeping the workspace tidy is always a WIP;)

    You’ve inspired me to action on my own workspace. I have the fantasy that if I had a bigger space it would be more organized, but I believe if I had a bigger space it would just attract even more clutter and disorganization. :)

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