FO Friday – iPad case!

It’s been a while since I did an FO Friday. Things at Plutonium Muffins HQ have been busy! JS and I have been working on my first pattern basically non-stop. I’ve got ten test-knitters working on it now – one of them from Ravelry has been incredibly helpful and I’ve been trying to sort out the final file so I can publish it. Unfortunately, there are a few maths bugs that I need to sort out, especially conversions between inches and centimetres…but we will get there eventually.

Skinny Liz keeping an eye on my work.
Skinny Liz keeping an eye on my work.

I have finished one of my test knit pieces – an iPad Case.

Colourful Gadget iPad Case

This was knit in a self-striping double-knitting yarn called “Yarnfair Stripes”. I’m not sure where I got it from – found it in my stash and as the word of the year is ‘stash-busting’, I decided to use it. I obviously had designs for this yarn – I had bought four balls of it! Anyway, I will decide what to do with the extra three balls later.

The iPad case took up pretty much a whole ball – with just enough left over to make some hexipuffs. I don’t want to review the pattern too much – after all, it’s mine! The yarn was gorgeous. Soft to work with, I love the way the stripes came out, and it matched this pattern really well.

I’m not sure if the case is actually going to fit an iPad. There is a slight flaw with my maths, and JS took his iPad before I could test it. He’s away for a weekend at a conference, so I won’t get it back for a while.

Stripey! Would also make a lovely scarf.
Stripey! Would also make a lovely scarf.

I’m interested to know how long you would estimate this takes to knit? I timed it to the minute, and I was absolutely shocked when I got the final results. Knitting by hand takes a loooong time! Much longer than I thought, anyway!

Close-up of the iPad case.
Close-up of the iPad case.

Right, I’m going to work on my graphics a bit more. I hope you are all doing well. Don’t forget to enter the Nadalittas Bag Giveaway!

Much love,

Corrie xx

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