Lazy Sunday – and the Boys

JS and his dad were playing at a pub last night and rang in the time change with a hearty few pints and lots of excellent music. This lead to the requirement to have a lazy Sunday. Admittedly, most days for me are fairly lazy, but it’s really pleasant to be able to spend a day relaxing with JS, who works long hours and is one busy little bee!

What did this entail? Not a lot, really. I’m addicted to Lego Harry Potter on my iPhone, and spent much of this morning playing it. We also watched the latest Merlinepisode. Was it good? Nahh, not really. I found it really frustrating and it put my anxiety levels way up.

Lego Harry Potter, love it.
Lego Harry Potter, love it.

We had a couple of eggs for brekkie, and JS then put me on to a “de-anxify Corrie” programme, which entailed lots of cuddles with the Boys and perfecting the art of making rolags to spin with.

The Boys

I’ve been getting worried about my boys recently, with the colder weather – they’ve both been indoors animals in the past, and having completed the summer outside, it will be too difficult to bring them back in again. We are living in a civilised household now, after all! I’ve been debating with myself the best way to keep them warm – a lot of people recommend wrapping up a hot water bottle and putting it in the hutch, but I’m dubious at best.

Archie is very good at chewing through anything you think is rabbit proof. I’ve come up with a temporary solution – I have a lot of waste fleece in the form of the beautiful Oxford Downs sheep fleeces which I have now come to the conclusion are basically unusable for spinning. I’ve stuffed their box with a bit of (cleaned) fleece, and they seem to be a bit happier.

Anyway, they came in for some cuddles today, and JSand I both enjoyed it. Did the boys enjoy themselves? I’m not sure, but they were certainly warmer when we put them back outside!

What is that keeping warm in his pocket..!?
What is that keeping warm in his pocket..!?
Little nose peeking out.
Little nose peeking out.
Back on the grass.
Back on the grass.


I have made so many! We’ve been watching a lot of Homeland, and have now seen the whole of Series One, and I’ve managed to do half a fleece. I think it may take a long time to spin all of this lot – and when that’s done I still have two and a half sheep fleeces and an alpaca fleece to do. Argh!

A huge bucket full of rolags.
A huge bucket full of rolags.

I’m going to dye some fibre tomorrow before I card it so that I can make multicoloured rolags and hence multicoloured yarn at the most fundamental level. I’m not sure when I will actually spin this.

What’s your favourite way of colouring fibre?


We took Tommy Dog over the fields for a walk, which was really pleasant. JS showed me a crater which was left when German Bombers jettisoned their leftover bombs on the way back to Germany following a bombing of London in the Blitz. Tommy Dog was very naughty and chased a load of sheep when he found his way into a field full of them.

Tsk tsk, look at those guilty faces.
Tsk tsk, look at those guilty faces.

I spent a while talking to them in my sheep voice, which JS wasn’t expecting. We even got a bit of a conversation going!

We did a bit of other stuff too. I’m experiencing a creativity overload, and can’t concentrate on just one thing at the moment, so I’m having problems deciding what to do. Sometimes I end up literally sitting down being pulled in so many different ideas (mentally) that I’m overwhelmed and just sit. Need to work on that. Any suggestions?

Much love,

Corrie xx

Post Script

Yesterday I changed the look of the site! What do you think? Please excuse any teething problems, I’m working on it. If you come across one please let me know so I can address it. Thanks x

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2 Responses to Lazy Sunday – and the Boys

  1. Sarah Jones says:

    How cute are your boys? One idea I heard was to heat an old brick up in the oven and then pop that in their hutch so they can snuggle up with it. Might be more hardy than a hot water bottle (although my bunnies would try to eat it I am sure!)

    • Corrie says:

      I’ve been doing this with stones! They are very unhappy with me at the moment as I haven’t wanted to put them outside while it’s been raining. Poor boys.

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