Podcast Episode 10: Maneja

Episode Ten of the Plutonium Muffins podcast was chaos! Hopefully enjoyable chaos, I had just returned from a day at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show exhibition and was very tired – please excuse me for this. I also had no internet while recording, so there was a bit of apologising for that…but I had fun, and you can too! I update you on my knitting and spinning projects, talk about events, resolutions, and basically me, me, me. I hope you enjoy it.

Episode 10: Maneja


‘manage’ in Shona

Section 1: Knitting

In the Oven

The Cooling Rack

Gourmet Knitting


Section 2: Spinning


  • Follow Me Down Cousin Jack
  • Rainbow Yarn Part 2
  • The podcast episode with Melanie

Ready to Mix

Section 3: Monthly Resolutions

My Resolutions

The Resolutions Monthly group can be found here.


Welcome to the Plutonium Muffins group on Ravelry to: AlbaAluca

Contact me!

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  1. Silje says:

    Can’t find the podcast on iTunes :(

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