Thoughts on a Theme – May, Kent

I was really hoping that I could show you a Finished Object today, but I haven’t even turned the heel yet. I’m going to be very, very busy tomorrow! I was in Kent for a whole day yesterday – I had a doctors appointment that I couldn’t cancel, and it is Wonder-Mum‘s birthday this weekend, so I literally drove 600 miles to see my doctor for an hour and a half.

To get over the 600 mile drive (and the sore back), I took Tommy the Dog for his ‘Spring’ walk. I’ll admit I’m a bit overdue on this one…the last Thought blog was in January, but the bluebells are out, and they were worth waiting for.

Tommy and I chilling in the sun before the walk.

Thoughts on a Theme – May, Kent

We waited slightly long before leaving, and the golden hour of light was almost over before we even set out. Tommy was very happy to be out, and I was absolutely enchanted by the bluebell patches in the fields, before we’d even made it into Shadwell Wood.

Shadwell Wood from the footpath.

The first patch of bluebells.

The walkway was absolutely gorgeous – the colour of the bluebells hasn’t been picked up very well, because I’d missed the light. I have a cold and was feeling a bit miserable, but I was definitely cheered up by this! We have walkways like this to help keep the footpaths passable. You can see how muddy it was…

Muddy muddy muddy! Check out all the bluebells surrounding the walkways.

The next walkway along. I love the vertical lines in this photo.

I get so excited by fairy-tale scenes, as you may have noticed if you follow Plutonium Muffins on Twitter or Facebook! I post gorgeous things like felt booties and pictures of fairies all the time…and these little scenes here are absolutely perfect.

A fallen tree with bark and bluebells - picturesque!

Bluebells! Close-up taken with my iPhone.

Bluebells and tree-trunks. Gorgeous!

Walking past this field always gives me the most stark reminder of how the seasons change. You can see it in it’s autumn/fall and winter incarnations if you go here. I’ve seen it surrounded by gold and reds, being used as a toboggan slope and now in lush green grass.

A field that we've seen in other seasons.

When we got home, Tommy went rummaging in the flower-bed, and next thing I knew I heard something screaming! I grabbed him and he dropped the tiniest baby rabbit. It was so small. I picked it up to check if it was OK. It sat in my arms for a bit and I was just thinking I ought to take it inside to make sure it was OK (and reaching for my phone to take a photo) when it jumped out of my arms and ran for it. I figured it must have been fine, took Tommy in and that was that! Tommy looking for the rabbit even after it was gone.

JS reckons Tommy just feels bad that I’ve lost Archie and he was trying to get me a replacement!

I’m back in Devon now – loads of knitting to do, so that’s it from me for tonight.

Much love,

Corrie xx

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